bed rest

  • Well the other day we had some rain and I was going out the door to go get my 5 year old from school and slipped on the steps and fell down a few. They kept me in the hospital for about 16 hours and now i am on bed rest for a lil while. I am going crazy not doing anything and my son is getting a lil upset because i cannot play with him and take him outside. Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad that baby seems to be okay for now! As for your son, you could try doing some art projects and coloring in bed. Movies and books are obvious activities - hop on YouTube and find funny videos together. You could play board games in bed or make up stories with his figurines or toy action figures. If you have friends who can help, call them up to arrange outings for him or play dates. Hang in there! When you are on your own, try making a list of things you'd like to have done before baby arrives or write a journal to your new baby. Call people who you have meant to call for a long time but never have. Hope this all flies by for you!

  • It can be hard to be on bed rest--especially when you have a 5 year old. Have someone rent a bunch of new books from the library for both you and your 5 year old. You can have story time, practice coloring together, and  have movie night. Talk to some of your friends and family and see if they can take your 5 year old to their house for play dates, dinner etc.. anything to get him some extra stimulation. Hopefully you won't be on bed rest long! Good luck!


  • OH gosh, bed rest is so hard, and then I can't imagine with a 5 year old as well!!  I think these ladies have offered you some wonderful suggestions. If it's helpful come and write even if you just need to vent!  I hope that you will keep us in the loop.

    Please take care,


  • thanks everyone for all the advice on things to do while on bed rest. I am back to work and i am not sure what is worse. Bed rest was driving me crazy but being on my feet all day at work is kind of painfull.

  • Glad you are off bed rest! At least that means the doctors feel the baby is doing okay. :-) I hear you though about your feet. As a nurse, I could barely fit my feet into my shoes toward the end of my pregnancy and it was painful by the end of the day! Hope you get some foot rubs coming your way. :-)