Much better days

  • Well i have told you all that I had a complications in my pregnacny due to my fluid levels being too high. Well i went to another ultrasound on tuesdayand the doctor said that my body is retaining some of the fluid. So my level has gone down. Which I am very happy about. He always said he is in the head down position and he said he thinks the baby will stay in that position. So i was happy to hear that as well. I didnt want the baby to get stuck or get wrapped up in hi cord. But it as showed that the baby head is like right up against my sercives(spelling). So I think im not gonna make it till Nov 11th. I dont know if I told everyone my due date it is 11-11-11.. Funny right. But one quick question. Did anyone get stronger kicks as they got closer to their due date, because I feel like he gonna falll out sometimes. That how hard he pushes and kicks sometimes. Maybe its because he already 5pds and just running out of room. I still have to due the non-stress test every week, but sadly no more ultrasounds every two weeks. But im gonna check with my dr on the 6th to see if I can stop doing them. I kinda dont want to stop cause than i get to at least hear his little heart beat every week.

  • Mehgan-
    I'm glad that you had a good visit with your doctor today and that you got some good news about your fluid levels.  I smiled at the DOB being 11-11-11, I think that is cool!  The really good news about 11-11-11 is that I calculate that puts you at 34 weeks gestation. While no one wants to have a preterm baby, I can offer that a baby at 34 weeks has very good odds of being just fine.  He/she may need some medical support or have to stay in the nursery until he/she is mature enough to go home, is eating and gaining weight. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that baby can stay for those last weeks safely growing away.  Please do continue to keep us posted and I'll continue to send good thoughts your way!

    Take care,


  • I'm glad to hear you've had some encouraging news! Keep your head up and hang in there as long as you can. My little boy did kick harder as he got closer to his due date. It's really a matter of running out of room, so the kicks seem stronger because everything is more snug in there. :-) Even if your doctor doesn't do ultrasounds, they should be able to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler scanner.