Pregnant and lost my job!

  • I am 14 weeks pregnant, and just got fired from my job ... I would love to just make stuff or watch kids or sell stuff. But I know i need to find a job and  help make some money! Any suggestions on what I could do... I really really really hate looking for a job! Any advice would be helpful!


  • Sweetdanndann-

    Wow first of all congrats on your pregnancy.  That is exciting and will be a new direction for your life...and speaking of new directions it looks like you have the opportunity to find a job that will fit the new ways in which your life is going to change.  There are actually a few other posts around here about looking for a job while pregnant so you might look back a bit in the posts.  

    What kind of work have you done in the past?  What do you enjoy doing?  You might make a list of the things that you have enjoyed doing in the past.  Then make a list of things that you want in your perfect job...think about money, schedule, physical demand, benefits, who you would work with, hours, ect.  Then you might start looking at how the two lists go together to form something that might work just perfectly for you.

    Keep us posted on your search!


  • Go ahead and advertise yourself on Craigslist to babysit kids or put some flyers up in places that have lots of children - a preschool, churches, community centers, etc. That's a great way to find kids to babysit! You can bring in some nice money that way - figure out what daycare charges in your area for a child and charge slightly less so that you are a good choice for parents. Good luck!

  • I agree! Look into babysitting if you enjoy children. It is a great way to make money and when the baby arrives, you can stay home with him while you work! Talk to friends, family, and neighbors to get the word out. Start by getting a few steady families and see how it goes. Good luck!