Funny pregnancy stories

  • So I have a funny story that just happen the other day. I was trying to get a pair of shoes out of my closet for work, But i leaned over to far. I fell forward and my head hit the way. I then tried to pull myself back out again I just couldn't do it. So I ended up having to call my husband and he had to come pull me out. He was laughing so hard and asked me if I could nt really get out. It was so funny. But i dont want to do it again.Let me know if anyone of you guys have any funny stories while you were or are pregnant

  • You poor thing!  Brought a smile to my face....What have others had happen???


  • I was walking around a lake for some exercise while I was pretty pregnant and was with my husband, who loves nature. He saw some turtles down by the water's edge and wanted me to come look at them with him. I headed down there but my balance was horrible at that point and when I got to the edge of the lake, I squatted down to get a look at the turtles and feel right into the lake! It was freezing! We were laughing so's always great to have a positive attitude about how ridiculous you feel! :-p

  • That is a funny story! When I was pregnant with my second child, I went over to a friend's house to watch a movie. The sofa they had was very soft--too soft. When I sat down, I sank into it a bit too much and couldn't get out. My friends had to literally pull me out of the sofa.