Anyone due Feb 2012 also and live in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas

  • Hey I am pregnant with a baby boy he's a big wiggle warm just looking for some new friends whom are also due in February I am due 02/07/2012. We will be having our baby at Vanderbilt Hospital there facility is wonderful and I highly reccommend. Well hope I can find some friends.


    Much love,


  • babymamamays-

    I couldn't be much further away in miles, but I want to welcome you to the boards.  I'm sure that some other TN people will step forward.  In the mean time keep us up to date on how your pregnancy is going.  I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better!


  • Hey! I am having a baby boy on Feb 8, 2012. I am thinking about naming him Sol which in Latin means sun. Sorry, I don't live near you. I live in Ohio. My baby is a kicker. He likes to kick me really hard when I am becoming numb and in my own mind. He likes to kick me playfully which is softly when he wants to play with me. So, I put my hand where he kicks and he kicks my hand or kicks a littler bit higher or lower. I love my baby boy so much! I am going to have my baby, but not file for child support to get a check. I don't need money or support or succor from a man who rapes.

  • JewelSara-what a great story about that baby of yours!  Perhaps he will be a star soccer player as soon as he is able to be up and running!  It sounds like for these early indications that you are going to have your hands full!  


    Babymamamays-how are things going for you?  


    Keep us posted ladies!


  • I live about 45 minutes away from Nashville. I will be having my baby in Gallatin at Sumner Regional Medical Center. I am due January 13th. Nice to meet you!

  • I am all the way in CT but my baby is due Feb. 19th, 2012 and i couldn't be more excited. I guess we are going to have to be pen

  • hello sorry i don't live in nashville i live in memphis tn but i do go to nashville alot to visit my family aslo i am not due until july 1, 2012 i am pregnant with my first baby at the age of 40 i feel very along cause everyone seem to be having their babies when there are younger trust me we tried so we decided to  put it in god's hand in here i am now we can also be pen pal