When does the baby first move?

  • This is my first pregnancy. I am already at 21 weeks. I have read many articles in which they indicate that you will feel the baby first start moving at the end of your 4th month. Everyone that I have spoken to has also told me that they felt the baby first move during either their last week of the fourth month or their first week of the fifth month. I was just curious as to when should I start feeling the baby move. I have my check up with the doctor in two  weeks but just wanted to get some insight with other moms.Smile

  • Most women begin to feel flutters between 16 and 20 weeks. This varies a bit from person to person. It is my experience (not medically based at all) that smaller women notice earlier and larger women notice later. Early movement isn't always very obvious. You may even feel it and think it is gas bubbles.

  • With both of my pregnancies I felt the first movements around the 16-17 week mark.  With my first it was pretty obvious to me, but with the second it was just a very small flutter in my belly.  I'm a larger woman, but maybe I'm just more aware of what's going on?  You should be feeling your baby move any time now though!

    Just an interesting bit of info.  With my first the early movements were very pronounced, but as I got further alond I didn't feel her as much.  With this one (now 35 weeks along) the first movements were soft and gentle.  However, now he moves around quite a bit and is very forceful about it.  He doesn't like anything to touch my belly at all!  He kicks my hands, the table, the bed, even the doppler at the doctor's office!  It's very interesting when you get to this point.  Hope you get to feel it soon.

  • Every baby/pregnancy is different. Some women feel it early & some a little later than others. I felt my son move at 18 weeks. But, my friend didn't feel her baby move until she was about 24 weeks along.

  • With my first two babies, I felt movement very early.  A little earlier than they say you will.  But with this one I didn't feel it until around 21 weeks.  And I still only feel it some of the time.  I'm heavier now, plus we found out in the ultrasound that the placenta is right smack in the front of my belly.  So, I have double the padding.  The only place I feel him moving around is VERY low.  Right about where the scars are for my c-section.  I wouldn't worry too much.  Maybe it means you'll be having a mellow baby!

  • When i was prego with my daughter i felt her around my 18th week, its was soft and felt like butterflies wings but then as a week went by it was a little bit stronger, so you may have felt the baby move already but just didnt relize it was them, because it can feel like a gas bubble or just a rumble

  • Thank you all for you reply. After reading the first answer I began to pay close attention to the gas bubbles that I was already feeling and then looking down and I noticed that the gas bubbles were in fact him kicking. I wish I would have known this before hand and paid closer attention. Now I wonder how long it had been since the first time I actually felt him kicking without knowing. I can now clearly tell when he is kicking.

  • thanks stopped my gf from freaking out for the rest of the night lol

  • they say somewhere between your 16th and 20th week you may start to feel the baby, some women it being later and some being earlier.  I was fairly lucky i suppose and i felt my baby right after my 13th week, had an appt. on the first day of my 14th week and she said that is indeed what i felt!  i haven't felt it since and thaat was a week and a half ago, i haven't even started showing yet. 

    I am very excited to find out what i am having on July 15th!

  • This is my first pregancy as well, I'm 31 weeks and having a boy and i started filling movement at aroung 16 weeks and when I had my 20 week ultrasound and found out the sex the whole time you could see him on the screen moving around i could also fill it!!!! But everyone is so different and it can also depend on how big the baby is like my little boy is a lil bigger so the doctor said I can fill him move a round a lot more I hope this helps some!!!