What can pregnant people do for fun?

  • Greetings all!

    I am in my eighth month of pregnancy and unemployed. This means I have NOTHING but time on my hands. Not to mention I left the father of my child because he was committed to the wrong things. Anyway, he is not the important one. I am wondering what some pregnant women do for fun. I live in western ky, so there is not really much to do when your not pregnant, but any suggestions would help me alot. I read and I write but I need movement sometimes.

  • One activity that you can do is to cook. When you deliver your baby, you probably won't want to be making meals for yourself, so get creative and make some meals for freezing that you can simply defrost and re-heat once you deliver the baby. Beyond that, maybe you want to begin putting together a scrap book that you can add to once the baby is born. You can include things like ultra-sound pics, photos of you pregnant, etc. More importantly, you can add things like the birth certificate, early photos in the hospital, baby's booties and cap, etc. Good luck!

  • lady_iverson-

    Are you all getting snow back there as well?  Bad or winter weather sure wouldn't help the bored situation!  I think that answerdad had some great ideas!  I love the idea of a pregnancy journal, or starting making a baby book.  Both of these things will get put to the side once that baby arrives.  You will employed full time with overtime once that baby is in charge!


  • Congrats on your little one! Proud of you, too, for standing up for yourself and keeping your head high. I remember being 8 months pregnant...a lot of things seemed pretty restricted and off limits. One thing I really enjoyed was swimming. Do you have any community pools near you? See if they can give you a discount or financial aid for a membership and join them! The YMCA is also fun and can usually give you some financial aid discounts if you ask - they have yoga, pools, and more. Of course, I walked a lot too when I was further along. Find some fun new places to go and see new scenery. Hope your last month goes well!

  • What hobbies do you enjoy? I like AnswerDad's suggestion about making a scrap book. You can scrap book your pregnancy and start getting the nursery ready. Otherwise, look up local moms groups in your area and see if any are looking for new members. This is a good way to meet other moms in your area. Another overlooked idea is volunteer work. There are plenty of elderly who live in nursing homes and retirement centers who would love someone to visit them from time to time. Even 15 minutes can brighten their day and make you feel wonderful.