Getting Mad Over Every Little Thing

  • I Have A Problem !!! 

    I don't know what wrong with meCrying, I  seem to yell and get mad at my boyfriend for every little thing I do..... OMG I feel like my mother!! Lol!  So now my boyfriend gets mad at me like and  ask, " what did I do"? And I don't even know..... It is very funny to me and also very sad but all this emotional things need to stop with me  or i will lose the person I truly loveSad 

    Why Do I Get Mad Over Every Little Thing?

  • I've been dealing with some of the same emotions lately! I can hear myself sounding mean and unkind even as I'm getting mad at my husband! I don't necessarily feel exactly as mad as my words make me sound but they come out anyway. I think life is absolutely stressful and overwhelming sometimes. I've found that when I start to be quick to anger, I need to take a break. I usually find someone to watch my son for an hour or two and get a coffee and read a book or get a pedicure. Just doing something that relaxes me and lets me refocus helps quite a bit. I also make an effort to make sure my husband gets those breaks too and also tell him I love him, especially after I've been upset about something. Hang in there...try to find a way to relax and de-stress!

  • Motherhoodrocks2- It sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time right now. I think that it's hardly ever just one thing that makes us react the way that we do. If you stop and think about it can you identify several factors in your life that are stressful, or putting stress on your body? Are you getting enough sleep? How about good nutrition? Are there stressors over money? Living space? Changes that will occur once baby is born? What about family? My guess is that you can identify with a few of these things, plus some factors that you can identify that I didn't list. During these times it's really helpful to have the support of our loved ones. OFten good communication and using "i statements"(Aka-I am feeling stressed when X happens, it would help me if you could X) are really helpful ways of communicating what is going through our brains with our loved ones. I hope that this makes sense to you. So-please don't be a stranger-let us know how we can support you during this time-that is what we are here for! Take care, Jess
  • Relax :D

  • It's easy to get overwhelmed with life and become obsessed with the small stuff. Try to take a step back and realize all of the blessings you have in your life and that having a family is one of them. Finding a way to get away on a semi-regular basis, if only for an hour or two, can do wonders to recharge your batteries. Good luck!

  • Don't get mad...Get Glad!!!! Big Smile Sit down and cry it out. Talk to your other half and tell him what you want him to do when you feel emotional. When I feel angry I want him to leave me alone until I feel relaxed again. When I am sad I want him to cuddle me and when I am worried I want him to talk about our future in a positive way. How that he knows how to handle my emotional times, it is easier for me too. Remember that you are not going through it alone. You'd never guess the thoughts and emotions that your other half is going through too. Communication is the key to everything!

  • Motherhoodrocks2-

    It's been a few days since you posted your message so i wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing.  I would love an update and I know the others would as well.


    Keep us in the loop!

    :) Jess

  • im doing the same stuff i mean the only difference is ive been with this guy for a year because i felt alone i was entering a divorce when i met him and now well im 13 weeks and i feel bad and yea me and him fight alot and i mean alot and i feel i have to stick with him cause im having his kid plus i have two girls by my ex husband and thats the only man ill ever love but i got away cause he was going to kill me he beat me and cheated i got away clean but he however has an std now but thats not even my problem my problem is i cant stop being moody with the man im with who treats me like a queen other than hating internet thats the main fights is the computer

  • I dealt with the same thing. I got to where I had a stress ball, I would go in my room by myself and squeeze it, or I would even write it down and rant. I was just so angry and stressed out about everything. But, you definitely need to quit going off on him, I managed to control my anger and stress and he still left two weeks ago.

  • I really don't know what to do!!!!

    So my boyfriend got shot when i was 9 nine weeks, he cant walk right now but he's going threw physical therapy and is getting better but still needs help doing alot of everyday things...and i know he cant do somethings but i seem to always get mad and i don't know why i get so mad...I'm not sure if its my emotions or the heat that frustrates me or a mixure of both but i need help idk what to do anymore cuz all it does is make us fight and i'm afraid its going to ruin our relationship and we are supposed to be getting married but i'm afraid it won't happen cuz of the constant fighting :/

  • Chrissy_Baby13,

    It sounds like both you and your boyfriend are going through a lot right now. It is only natural to be frustrated with the situation and no doubt you are both experiencing a lot of mixed emotions. The main thing is to try and keep the lines of communication open between you. Try to discuss why you are angry, what is bothering you, and what you may be afraid of. Most often than not, feelings of anger can stem from fear and uncertainty. Maybe him getting shot really scared you and you haven't fully processed how close you came to losing him. Maybe you are just overwhelmed with the pregnancy and with his physical care needs. By talking through things, this entire ordeal can bring you closer together instead of farther apart. IF you find that you can't talk through some of these issues, try finding someone who can help you..a counselor, priest, or family member. Good luck and let us know how it is going!

  • Ugh. I totally understand that feeling. I, also have become the angry pregnant lady. I usually put myself in time out for a little bit and that helps. My husband knows it isn't him so he usually doesn't say anything while I rant and vent. So I recommend doing a timeout and breathing. It's just the hormones. God bless!

  • I was like that the begining of my pregnancy ...... i would get made at the lilttest things what i would do is try any take some me time like things i love doing .... getting ur nails done, or hot bubble baths work for me ....Big Smile

  • I can agree on taking a long soak in a nice bath!!!! That was my sanctuary whenever i was just so angry that words couldn't do my feelings justice. I would find that the angrier i became the more my daughter would wiggle and kick. Watching the water ripple from her squirming so much usually put things back into perspective and made me laugh. Baths saved my sanity!