Two babies under the age of two!!

  • I have a 13 month old daughter that is the center of attention. I just found out that i am four weeks pregnant with number two. How in the world am i going to do this? Does anyone know any tricks for dealing with two babies???

  • Congratulations Emily! My sister-in-law went through exactly the same thing. Her daughter was a little over a year when she found out she was pregnant and now she has a two-year-old and a 5-month-old at the same time. I had worries, too, when I found out I was pregnant with my second child -- and my older one was 8 at the time! I had finally gotten the hang of being a mom to one, I had no idea of what to do with two.

    I think that a lot of it comes down to instinct and handling each day and each issue as it comes.Preparing your daughter and making her a part of your pregnancy is a good way to help ease her into accepting that she's not going to be the only kid in the house. Especially with toddlers, they need to feel that they are still special and important to mom and dad. Look and see if there are any "Big Sister" classes at the hospital where you're going to deliver, and try to enroll her in it closer to your due date so she'll get more out of it. That can also be a good way to prepare her. They're usually designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

    As for when the baby comes, just take things as they come and don't be shy about asking for help. Lean on your mom, husband, friends -- whoever you can to recover from the birth and to help you in the months that follow. Rely on your own good judgement and the love you have for both of your babies, and you should be fine.

  • First, congrats! You can do this! From what other moms have told me, the closer in age the children are, the easier the adjustment. Your daughter will still be young enough that she will probably adjust very quickly. My children are 28 months apart and there was a little bit of jelousy, but it faded quickly. I made a point of giving my son tons of attention when my daughter arrived. I don't really have any tricks to offer because the day to day activities just fell into place. The best part was that I loved my new baby just as much as my son. Now I can't imagine how I lived without both of them.

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    Congratulations! I had 2 under 2; 3 under 3 & 4 under 4 ... and next year I will have a 7, 6, 4, 3 & a new born.  My advice is just sit back and enjoy it.  My two older boys are 13 months apart and they really don't remember a time when they didn't have each other.  A lot of people thought they were twins! They are best friends even now.  Just take one day at a time and like the previous poster said ... spend a lot of time with each of them individually & together!



  • elvirakat- That is so great to hear. My children are just now really playing together and it is just amazing to watch.


  • 620YANA- Do you have family that lives nearby? Have you been feeling really sick? A 9 month old should still nap for you twice a day. I would nap during that time. I would also ask for help from family if you need it. Honestly, I think a younger baby like yours will be easier to deal with than a toddler because they nap more and can be entertained much easier than an older child.

  • 620yana,


    It will be an adjustment but just sit back and enjoy the ride.  Take alot of pictures, because in 3 years you won't even remember these 1st years.  My boys are 13 months apart and they are great friends even at school.  Rest when you can!


  • Breath deep - really it helps, whether raising one child or many. There are a lot of things that will stress you out when it comes to your kids, but they will also bring you a lot more smiles to make up for it. Little tricks help, most of them you'll learn as you go. And as your 9-month old gets a little older she'll also become more self capable and even begin to be able to aassist you in small ways. You should also be able to enroll her in daycare by the time your second child is born, which will help relieve some of the strain of taking care of a newborn at the same time. If cost is an issue, check with nearby preschools - most are aware of, and can help you obtain, any local daycare funding assistance.
  • My cousins girls are 13 months apart.... pretty much as soon as she got the ok to get jiggy with it after baby number 1 she got pregnant again!  I on the other had a 2 year old when I had baby number 2.  It's not that bad and it is very true that kids closer in age get along better, but they have bigger fights too.  or more escalated.  its hard to describe.  When they're babies its not a big deal because they don't do much but when your older one starts becoming themselves and independant it can get a little hairy at times.  My boys wreak havoc and they are 3 and 5.  My little guy just wants to be with his big brother and play with him while my 5 year old wants to be alone and vice-versa.  You get the picture, they fight, they cry, they get over it and play again and they're best friends.  My Honest to God BEST advice to you girls.  GO WITH THE FLOW!  Seriously, it gets crazy, but if your too high strung, you'll wind up hurting yourself and possibly taking out your aggressions and frustrations on your little ones.  Know now that it isn't a trip and anyone who says its easy doesn't have kids!  you'll be fine, just go with the flow

  • Wow, what a boat to be in. I have a 15 month old girl and am 18 weeks pregnant. My husband and I were hoping for a boy so we could have the best of both worlds but I just found out that i am having another girl.......Im so scared I was raised with all boys I have no idea how to deal with sisters or how to relate.... anyone have any helpful hints for two children and a young mom with little experience? :]
  • I dont have any advice yet for you but I know your feeling. My daughter was 3 months old when we found out we're expecting again. Now we have 3 months left till our little boy is born and I'm not sure what will happen but the only thing I can think of is to take one day at a time and to do my best. Congradulations and try to relax.