New first time mother!!

  • Im a 20 year old first time mother expecting my baby boy in 19 days( or so they tell me). I have many emotions coming up on the due date, but mainly i am excited, im a little nervous about what to expect during labor and delivery and Mainly when my little one comes home with me for the first time, any advice, or tips is more than welcome and greatly appreciated!!!

  • im a first time mom too, but learned a LOT from the birthing classes i've been taking and due soon myself. if you're gonna have your partner, relative or friend with you when you're in labor and if you have them message you on your back, make sure you have oil or lotion for them to use because if they don't, it'll actually make your contractions WORSE. stay acive for as long as possible. walk around, rock on a birthing ball or rocking chair, take a warm shower, change positions in bed, use cold and/or warm compresants....not only does it all help with pain but staying active helps your labor along and may take some time off it. if you want to know anything else, feel free to ask :)

  • You will do great! Just be prepared with your bag for the hospital - bring a comfy clothes to go home in, a nightgown for yourself that is comfortable, maybe your own pillow and a quilt if you like it, anything to help you relax in labor, some hair ties,etc. For baby, bring a change of clothes, nursing pillow if you need it, a nail file for the baby, and a nursing pillow if you like. Those are some basics and  JazzyMama022 has some good suggestions for labor. No matter what, just bring your camera and be prepared for the greatest day of your life! :-) Congrats!