8 Weeks tomorrow, 43yr. hoping I see a heart beat.

  • This was a huge suprise for my husband and me being of the age we are, now im really afraid I might lose it.  I haven't been sick any, and someone told be that people who don't have morning sickness are more likely to miscarry. Im praying so hard for things to be good tomorrow.

  • I just had a beautiful baby boy on Oct 25th and I am 39.  I did not have any morning sickness either.  He was premature but all is well and you can't even tell now as he is growing and meeting/exceeding charted growth patterns.  So, please no worries in my opinion that would affect your baby more than not being sick.  Many Blessings to you and yours.

  • No, just because you don't have morning sickness doesn't mean that anything is wrong. There are plenty of pregnancy symptoms from aching breasts to feeling tired all the time. Some people just feel like they are coming down with a cold. You may just be one of the lucky ones! I will say a prayer for you tomorrow that everything goes well at the doctors. Let us know how it goes!


  • Congrats on your sweet surprise! I echo MommyRN4 - no morning sickness does not indicate a higher chance of miscarriage. People probably assume the more sick you feel, the "more pregnant" you must be but that just isn't true. Many people feel perfectly fine and have little to no pregnancy symptoms with very healthy results. Keep us up to speed on how things go for you. :-)

  • Well, I went to the Dr. today and I didn't have a heartbeat, they said that the baby had passed away.


  • Thanks very sad dear. T_T
    Try more luck next time


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