• Big Smile

    Last Night I was in my bed eating some ice cream (Strawberry) all of a sudden I started feeling movements in my stomach. First I thought that I was feeling things so I started to read my book, then the movements started again, I put my hand on my stomach and I could feel kicking. I got so excited I got up and woke up the whole house, every since then I have been feeling the baby kick off and on all day long today. I told my friends they said its going to be hard for me to sleep now, but its okay I love the feeling so much I am so excited. Thought Id put my excitement on here =) Good Day! <3

  • Crystalpelt,

    What an awesome post!  I can just picture you glowing with excitement.  Now that you've felt the little one kicking start paying to other little movements.  I love the stories  that i've heard from other mom's about babies that responding to music, talking, ect.  The other "fun" thing is that mom's often say "oh gosh he has the hiccups!".  Have you noticed that your babies move more or less with certain activities, sounds, positions, ect?  I'm so excited for you, please do keep us posted!


  • Aww, I can feel your excitement! So wonderful! Feeling the baby move is one of the very best parts of pregnancy and something to cherish. Something I found amazing was to look at my son after he was born and see just how he was moving and I could tell when he had done those same movements inside of me! He loved to stretch his arms out and wiggle his fingers. Towards the end of my pregnancy, it felt like he was tickling me from the inside! :-) Congrats on your sweet baby. :-) 

  • Thank you =) As each week goes by it seems as if she moves more and more! I just cant wait to see her when she comes in June.