4 month old AND baby on the way.

  • AHHH.. Im so scared, excited, anxious nd I have no Idea what to do!
    It ws a really big surprise to me that I am pregnant again. my fiance jus got a job, nd Im not doing anything. Im worried If we'll have tha money to do It! ahh.. what to do ?!? 


  • Stately-

    You sounds a bit overwhelmed with the news.  I think that your feelings are normal what you are going through and I'm hoping some of the other moms to be will speak up and share their experiences as well.  Have you told the daddy yet?  I think that when things feel overwhelming they are often easier taken on with a good friend.  You might want to let him know if he doesn't know already.  The other thing that I can offer you is that I have found that in life, even when I don't know how things will possibly would out-they always do.  Draw upon the things that you look to for support-friends, family, a higher power.  Build a support network from these sources as well.  Please feel free to come here for support, i am more than i happy to be a listening ear and offer encouragement.  Take good care, -Jess

  • I never feel like we have enough money also! One thing you can try to do is to monitor websites that have telecommuting jobs.... my wife was successful making some extra money when she was on maternity leave from her job and she found it was also rewarding to feel like she was contributing more than just child care. Good luck!

  • A co-worker of mine went through a similar situation, and while she definitely freaked out initially, her two little boys are the closest of friends now because they are so close in age. :-) She absolutely loves it. Just work on ways to save money in the meantime...cut out cable or extras on your cell phone you don't need. Start looking through blogs on how to coupon - you can save TONS of money on your food bill that way. Perhaps consider taking in a child to watch while another mother is at work for extra money or figure out how to pet sit/dog walk. There are tons of ways to help bring in money or save money for your family. It will all work out! Congrats on your new little one. :-) 

  • Congratulations! I know things seem a bit overwhelming right now and scary but remember that you have 9 months to figure all of this out! Until then, just focus on preparing your body and your new baby for the changes ahead. Keep your 4 month old in a good sleep pattern and work on maintaining a schedule! Nap when you can and give your body a rest when it needs it. You will be busy, but these children will  be so close their whole life..it will be wonderful!