Second Pregnancy

  • Hello My Name Is Kristina, I'm New To All Of This And Am Hoping I Can Find Other Moms Like Me That Have Gone Through Some Of The Things I Have Been Feeling, I'm 18 Weeks Pregnant And We're Hoping For A Boy I Already Have My Little Girl So Now All I Need Is My Little Boy, I'm Hoping To Make New Friends And Chat With Them About Some Stuff I Have Experienced So Far. I Hope To Keep In Contact With You All And Congratulations To Each And Every One Of You Smile 

  • Hello Kristina,

    My name is Tamara and i am 6 weeks pregnant also i have a 2 (will b 3 in may) year old daughter too...Also i am hoping for a boy as well.....So far this pregnancy has been different from when i carried my daughter...But im hoping thats a good thing because i could be having a boy!:)......How has ur preganacy been so far? anything new that u didnt go thru with ur first baby?

  • Congrats, Tamara! I'm 11 weeks along and feeling really different this pregnancy than I did with my boy. We are hoping that means we are having a girl! We are opposites. :-) I hope you have been feeling good so far. Have you been sick at all? When is your first doctor's appointment. Congrats on your new little one!

  • I'm sorry this is off the discussion, but I'm new and I have know idea how to ask questions without going into someone elses can someone help me please???

  • Ashley-

    Go to the board that you want to post on.  At the top of the listing of posts on the right side is a link that says "write a new post", click on this and write your post.


    :) Jess