first time pregnancy

  • i am 7 weeks prego and super picky with my food now!! i LOVE water soo much but now i hate it. i have to force myself to drink it but it makes me gag?? any advice?

  • I put those drink mixes like crystal light and the generic versions in my water to make it more appealing. They also have kool-aid packs that you can add to bottles of water, kind of juvenile, I know, but they're so good! The kool-aid packs don't have that many calories fortunately too.

  • I'm 10 weeks and feel the same! I have found that cutting a lemon in half and squeezing as much juice as desired into a bottle of water really helps. It doesn't add any sugar, no real calories to worry about, and no chemicals like you find in the Crystal Light, Propel, Kool-aid, etc. etc. water additives. It's very refreshing, and It helps me with my "morning" (more like all day) sickness as well. I've also heard from the old wives' club that hot water with a bit of lemon juice helps get your intestines moving back to normal.

  • I echo the other poster's advice. Adding some flavor to your water helps quite a bit. Some mothers also like making tea as a way to drink water. It's a bit of an unconventional way to do it, but it's still water! Just make sure it's decaf tea. I hope your nausea eases up soon! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  • I found that gatorade and other flavored waters were easier to drink. I also drank milk a lot better when I was pregnant. 

  • I agree on the flavors and sports drinks.  I also LOVE popsicles, slush-ies, and icy desserts from the freezer section.  I find that they ease my nausea, and they also keep me hydrated.  My favorite popsicles are cherry-pineapple.  What other flavors have people tried?  Anyone make your own?