no big belly

  • Hey :) , im 7 months & im so excited cuz that means my baby boy will be here soon & im so looking forwards to seeing his lil face. my belly is still so small, you wouldnt know i was pregnant unless i told you personally. some days my belly looks small and sometimes u can see a lil belly. is that normal?  i feel bad because when i watch my pregnancy shows or see pregnant women they have the big oh belly and it looks so beautiful and as for me i have this lil pouch :(

  • I'm six months and feel the same way... I keep complaining to my husband about not "looking" pregnant yet!  I've had a few people tell me that it was the same way for them thier first pregnancy.  As paranoid as I am about not growing fast enough, the doctor tells me not too worry as long as I'm eating three meals plus snacks it'll come with time.

  • You both suck! Just enjoy it!

  • The baby spends most of the pregnancy developing it's organs, body systems, etc. The final few months are dedicated to growing and putting on fat. Most mothers who haven't developed a belly pop out in the last couple of months. It's normal to want people to be able to share in your excitement! Hang in there. :-) 

  • Me and another person that i know are only a day apart and you could tell she was pregnant a few months ago while i'm still barely showing and still have people ask me if i really am pregnant. My doctor says i'll probably just stay tiny

  • Don't worry! Plenty of moms would love to look so good at 7 months! Enjoy your pregnancy!

  • If you want to play up your belly, you could wear shirts that are obviously maternity compared to regular clothing. It may sound silly but it could help! :-)

  • im 7 weeks also and everywhere i go that people know me they say your still small...

    i went with my husband to his bestfriend engagment party and there were this girl there and she was i think 3 or 4 weeks behind me and she was HUGH i looked at my tummy and kinda felt sad i doing something but i wasnt a big baby and my husband wasnt either and at the same time i wasnt small small but i was small before i got pregnant....

  • Don't forget the cocoa butter! Once you do start to grow, you will grow quickly and the stretch marks will appear before your eyes! So be sure to keep your belly moisturized. Drink plenty of water too!

    And trust me it could be worse, you could be 4 months prego and having people say "Oh I guess you're due any day!" grrrrrr!

    But if having a big baby belly makes you feel better, stuff a throw pillow under your shirt(now bend over without squishing it!) :) enjoy your tiny bump!

  • I'm just now 36 weeks and people that didn't know me didn't start asking me if I was pregnant til like two weeks ago. It was kinda disappointing because it's my first baby but it helps because you don't have to buy so many clothes just to fit your belly. The one downside was that when I was in public like grocery stores I constantly had to watch people so they wouldn't bump into me.