Looking to know all that I can!

  • Hello My Name is Stacy and I was just wanting to know if you would all be so kind to tell me just how you first found out you was gone to have a baby? Was you happy? Was you made? I was very happy because I had have been trying to have a baby for the last 3 to 4 years!!

    Does anyone know anyone with PCOS!! 

  • I was super excited and happy to find out I was having a baby.  This is our second but we also have been trying for almost 4 years.  I apparently have been strugling with insulin resistance which is pre-diabetic and once I was on the medicine it seemed to line everything up and here I am almost 5 months pregnant Smile  My sister has PCOS and endometriosis severly.  She was 31 before she finally concieved.  Her son is a happy 3 year old now!  She did have a miscariage two years ago but that was not related to the PCOS, per the doctors.

    Wishing you the very best with your pregnancy.

  • Beth-

    This is a wonderful story of getting treatment for insulin resistance and then moving right in to a healthy pregnancy.  I find that so many families deal with PCOS, diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome and then struggle with getting pregnant.  I hope that you are able to share your story with many others who are at the end of hope, thus enabling them to seek out the right kind of help and start or expand a family.

    Wonderful news!


  • Thank you Jess.

    I will continue to update as a go along on all of the boards.  I have an appointment next week and will be happy to report that I have started to feel the baby move a little here and there.  Not enough that my son or husband can feel it yet but enough to keep me from worrying about there being a problem. Big Smile  I couldn't be more happy at this point.  While it came as a suprise to us it was a nice suprise and has caused us to change some of our plans for the upcoming summer but that's ok.


  • I'm so glad that you are feeling good about your pregnancy, that is great news.  It's amazing how things work in life.  Do keep us in the loop,


  • Beth  - congrats!! Sounds like you have been through a lot but this is such a happy time for you. :-) Thanks for sharing your story and I look forward to learning more about you on here. Do you plan on finding out if the baby is a boy or girl? Best of luck!

  • The way i found out will always be a memory. Last summer i joined the gym, and lost 25 pounds. Around late august my face started to look so FAT. i brushed it off until my very outspoken boyfriend told me " baby your face is getting chubby" :( i felt so ugly. i noticed sex felt so uncomfortable and dredful. My boyfriend would joke with me and say your pregnant you should go get checked out. i always laughed at him in the face because i was on a birthcontrol shot. so i used that as an excuse as to why my face was getting fat and probably why sex wasnt fun anymore ( well for me ). So on october the 13th my friend i went out to grab a bite to eat and she jokingly told me i was pregnant too so i we decided to do a pregnancy test for fun. GOOD IDEA. i Found out i was pregnant and on top of that i was 3 months going on 4 months . I took it for fun and a very fun thing turned very serious. i was rushed with so many emotions i was in college im 19 what am i going to do ??? Thank god i have an AMAZING single mother who supports me 100% in whatever. im the only child so my mom was excited because the family was growing. im now 8 months and im having a baby boy and he such a busy lil baby already & i cant wait to meet his beautiful face. As a mom im going to strive and fight to give him the best life . im still in school and in a couple years i will have a degree in Economics and ill be the best mom i can be to my baby boy <3, GOOD Luck to you :)

  • Marie - loved hearing your story. Sounds like it was all quite the surprise!! I LOVE your attitude about your little man and how you are going to give parenthood your all. He is going to be a blessed little boy. School will be tough at times but you can do it!! It's going to be the best ride of your life. :-) 

  • Thanks :) i appreciate it. School is already tough but i Know i can do it. Life wouldn't life if You didn't endure some challenges !

  • Excited to report that we went to the doctor on Monday and found out that we will be welcoming another precious boy to our family!  As for my mom that will give her 6 grandsons!  We were hoping for a girl but it was pretty obvious that this baby is a boy! 

    We are super excited and our 7 year old is excited as well.  He was hoping for a baby brother.  We have a lot of new changes to come in the next months.  We have put our house up for sale and are planning to move in late June to a bigger house.  Things are moving quickly for us and now we just have to finish getting all the baby gear that we need for this little one.

    We have decided on a few names but at this time are leaning toward Harmon Patrick.  If not I believe the middle name will stick but the first name will change.

    Take care all for now.

  • Congrats on your big news!  How wonderful to be welcoming another boy to the family.  It must be pretty exciting planning the move to a new house as well.  Keep us posted as things progress,


  • sometimes it does matter a person age.. i had my first some almost 3 years ago and now having my 2nd. i was right there with you. what am i going to do? i am not with the father and never was. i know right away i will be a single mom still love comes my way. i was so scared by i had my mom just like you. my mom raised me by her self and sisters. it was hard growing you but you learn that they gave you what you needed "love"... you will be a great mom and no matter what you do not need a man to say i am daddy because guess what in the long run the mommy always winds up to play both points in the child life... if you ever want to just chat you can email me or something... its a feeling like you never felt before when you see your child for the first time....

  • Hi all!  I haven't been on here in quite a while, life has been busy.  I wanted to throw out an update on our progress.  I am now 32 weeks and starting to get nervous when I have to much time on my hands. Smile  We have completely moved into our new house and it's great.  Still deciding on decorations but it's coming along...slowly!  This weekend my cousin is graciously throwing us a baby shower since we have nothing left from our first son being we gave it all to our nephews when they were born. 

    The biggest exciting news was that when I went to the doctor two weeks ago they told me that I passed my glucose test so no gestational diabetes for me!  Yay the metformin is doing it's job.  I'm terrible at diets and just know that I would never be good at a diabetic diet.  Hoping that the doctor will do at least one more ultrasound before I have the baby since we have not seen him since April.  I really want a 3d one and hoping to schedule that when I go tomorrow.  I am also hoping to schedule my c-section that day however I just have the feeling that no matter what day we schedule it for he will be here sooner.  I am feeling the second week of August for some reason...is that weird?  I think it's just because our older son was born 4 days before my 23rd birthday and if Harmon comes the second week of August it would fall just before my husbands 34th.  Crazy how close the kids are with us on our birthdays. 

    Some other things have happened since the last time I was on here as well.  I found out that my oldest sister is now expecting her second child and has passed the 12 week threshold so that's very encouraging for her.  She was the one that had the miscarriage two years ago.  This family is expecting lots of babies this year.  I also have a cousin who is only about 4 weeks ahead of me and is scheduled to deliver her new baby boy around July 25th.  Another cousin is expecting a couple weeks later as well......they always seem to come in packs I think!

    Well Thanks everyone for the support and I will keep it updated.  Hopefully better now.

  • I'm glad all is going so well for you. You're coming into the home stretch so hunker down and enjoy the ride. I can agree that they do seem to come in packs. one of my older brothers little girl was born in october, my younger brothers little girl was born in december the day after my birthday, and my baby girl was in february. needless to say it has been pretty eventful with so many little ones entering the family. I was convinced that i was going to go into labor early because of how active i was with work, but at 40 weeks  i was still going so my doctor induced me. I hope everything continues to go smoothly as you near the end of your journey.

  • Hi I have pcos and was on birth control since 1999. Got off this past March to try to conceive as I am now 31. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I was in complete denial because we gave up and then ended up pregnant. The initial thought of pregnancy scared me and ending up in the ER on Xmas day did as well. Doctors were off telling me I am 6 weeks (a week ago) and they couldn't see anything so I must have had a miscarriage. YOU know your body and I knew with my years of pcos there was no way I could've miscarried or even been that far along. After getting up the courage to go back to my old obgyn practice after my long time doc retired I was told everything is right on target! Super excited! Keep positive and make sure you don't allow any negative people in your space!