its a girl

  • Thursday me my boyfriend an my best friend found out im haveing a little girl we are so excited its what both of us have been wanting. we have been haveing a hard time trying to figure out what to name her and takeing in so many names from family and friends that we put together a name i have never herd and sounds pretty . let me know if you have herd this name or think its lovely too.

    Kamberlynn Faith Big Smile 

  • Shelbymae,

       Congratulations on your girl! :) That is a beautiful name, and no I've never heard it before. :)

  • It is a beautiful name and congratulations on your baby girl! 

  • CONGRATS!! The name sounds Great! im happy that you found your baby girls name while on the other hand im struggling with mines..LOL..congratulations again and good luck!!

  • Congrats on the little girl. i am havin a little girl also in oct very excited

  • Congrats on your big news!  I can't think of anything more fun than getting ready for a baby girl!  What are you most excited about?


  • Hi Shelbymae,

    Congrats on your exciting news, Enjoy getting ready to get the cutest things for little girls. I have a 16 month little boy and pregnant with my 2nd baby boy Smile. The name is very beautiful and unique if you and your boyfriend like the name stick with it Smile. Now a days everyone is trying to come up with unique and different names.