Girl Names!!

  • Ladies i need your help!!!!!!!!! Well l need your opinions on these girl names my fiance and I have igured out and I just cant to figure out which one goes to which or sounds great..please help...First Name: Jakyra, Jamaya, Jamiya,Or Jamani...Middle Names: Olivia, Ke'untae, kaliya, Chaunisty, Micaela, ranaie,or lanai!!!!

  • Hi!  What great names!  I like Jamiya or Jakyra, oh an then I like Kaliya.  I seem to like all the names you listed-I'm a lot of help, hugh?!


  • Aww, I like Jamaya Olivia. Such a sweet name that would be! Congrats on your little girl again. :-)

  • I like Jakyra Olivia or Jakyra Lanai...both are pretty!


  • I like Jamani and I like Kaliya 

  • Those names are different from what I am used to, but they are great names! I choose for the first name; Jakyra (kyra for short) ( or jaky for short), and the middle name; ranaie!

    Jakyra Ranaie! Beautiful!




  • Jamani Micaela

  • Is this your first?  My husband and I are expecting our first in July, also having a girl.  I thought it would be hard agree on a name, but my husband had a name picked the first day after we found out what we were having.  There was just something about a Daddy naming his baby girl I just couldn't resist.  So, needless to say Teagen Paige is our baby girl's name.  Wasn't a big fan at first but now I love it!  Good Luck with a name!!  You have some great names to pick from!