Newly Pregnant

  • Hello Everyone.  I am new to this site and newly pregnant after a very very long journey trying to conceive.  Was wondering if anyone else is 5 weeks 5 days as of today?  Was also wondering what kind of symptons everyone felt at this time as the only symptom I feel so far is cramping. 

    Hope to hear from you all Big Smile

  • Congrats!! Welcome to StrongMoms! I'm so excited for you after a long journey - what a blessing this baby will be. I'm 24 weeks but I remember the early days of pregnancy and feeling that cramping feeling. It's a symptom of your uterus stretching and getting ready to grow. :-) Lots of times you may feel tired, somewhat nauseous, and maybe emotional. Hang in there and congrats again! 

  • Welcome and Congrats! I hope you find this site to be as much comfort and help to you as it has been to me.... I don't remember anything except exhaustion and extreme smell induced nausia from the beginning of my pregnancy. I could seriously smell the stuff in my freezer... never thought i'd be able to smell frozen food. Anyway take it one phase at a time and you'll be delivering that baby in no time! What's your due date? it should be pretty close to my daughters birthday. What helped my pregnancy go faster and helped me cope was i focused on the holidays. This is an awesome time of the year to start a pregnancy because there are so many distractions not to mention you won't be huge through the hot months (this is a blessing). i just focused on making it through the nearest holiday and the next thing i knew i was holding a beautiful baby girl.

  • Thanks for the warm greetings.  My due date is set at Jan 5th give or take a few days.  Reason being I had an IUI done and my Dr is going by this date rather than the date of my last menstrual period.  I actually had a lot of cramping last night that woke me up so I called the Dr this morning.  He said he wants to recheck me tomorrow.  I did not have any bleeding so that is a plus.  Hoping all goes well as I want nothing more than a healthy baby! 

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope everything goes smoothly. Best of luck and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • Let us know how your doctor appointment goes. I'll be keeping you in my prayers and hope that all is well! 

  • So I went to the Dr's today to get checked out for the cramping the other day.  Scan was good and I saw the heartbeat.  All my levels came back great too. 

    Unfortunately I came home today from work and went to the bathroom and was bleeding.  Called the Dr and they told me to rest for the rest of the the day and see what happens and if it doesn't stop come in in the morning again to see what is going on.  I am really hoping everything is fine!!!!  So upsetting!!!!