20 Weeks ultrasound

  • I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out I'm having a baby boy! Not only  that, but I'm a week further along than they thought Big Smile


  • Amandamarie-

    Congrats on your big news!  You must be so excited to be having a boy!  A good friend of mine just had a baby boy as well and I found him the cutest little outfit, the fabric has all these cute trains on it AND a matching hat!  There were so many things to choose from.  What are you most looking forward to about being a mom? and now that you know you are having a boy-what are you most looking forward to about having a boy?  How many weeks do they now think that you are?  

    Keep us posted on your progress!


  • Aww - yay for boys! I'm pregnant with my second boy and my first is absolutely wonderful. LIttle boys sure do love their mammas. :-) Do you have names picked out? Now you can go register for/buy some of the baby items you may need! 

  • I'm thinking of naming him Jace at the moment. I've always wanted to be a Mom since I was seven so I'm looking foward to all of it. I just hope it'll all go well and I'll do a good job. It'll just be cool to have a boy since my mom had all girls. It'll be a different experience for sure, that and the little boys I've been around seem so much calmer than baby girls.

  • Oh yeah. They said I'm like a week ahead of what they thought I was so he'll probably be due September the 22nd or 23rd.

  • I, too, come from an all girl family and then my older sister and I have had all boys! I like the name Jace a lot! Good solid name. :-) I'm sure you'll be an awesome mother - the fact that you have always wanted to be one says a lot about your maternal instinct! Just remember to forgive yourself for not being perfect...it happens to the best of us!! 

  • Yeah my Mom had three girls and I'm the oldest and her sister had three boys. Thank you :) I'll do my best being a mother, but I'll try not get to angry with myself if not everything goes right. Have you thought of any names for your baby?


  • I think that being a parent is a learning experience, and it will have it's ups and downs.  No on is perfect and the harder we aim at perfect the harder life is.  Enjoy the time you have with your son as he will grow up fast. Just do your best, ask questions, and cherish those moments!  We are here to support you, so make sure to ask any questions you may have and turn to us for support as well.

    Congrats on your baby boy!


  • We think we are going to name him Jonah. :-) My  husband and I have a hard time coming to an agreement on names but I think we finally picked it!