Cant sleep on my right side.

  • Hi, im new in the forum, im happy to be here to learn from other moms and moms to be. I have a question too, Is any of you having disconfort sleeping on the right side?Sad

  • Hello and welcome to the site! I'm guessing you're pregnant? If so how far along are you?... I had a ton of discomfort laying down while I was pregnant. Mostly on my back, but occasionally I'd have pain when I slept on my sides as well. I found that the further along in my pregnancy I became the more I hurt in all positions... It really helped if i slept with a pillow between my legs. It seemed to take pressure off of my mid section. Maybe one of the other mothers will be able to help you more, but that's what had worked for me.

  • congrats!  hate to break it to you but it will just get more uncomfortable from here!  i had trouble on my right side too.  i did a couple things.... i put a pillow btw my legs like briny said, i also put a pillow under my belly and another behind me to kinda lean on so i wasn't completely on my right.  also, as i got into my 3rd trimester i had to put pillows under me to kinda elevate me at like a 30 degree angle.  that really helped me bc i loved sleeping on my back and that helped give me a few more weeks that way.  hope that helps:)

  • Emmanuella-

    Welcome to Strongmoms!  I am really glad that you found our website.  I think that you will find this a great place to come for support and to get questions answered.  I think you will also enjoy meeting the other moms and dads on the board.  It sounds like Brinny and cupcake have already answered your question about sleeping.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and again-welcome!


  • Thanks for replying ladies and for the tips, i did forget to mention that i am 22 weeks pregnant (first child). Im looking forward to have a better night tonight and thanks again.

  • 22 weeks! That is great news as things are going to start moving quickly toward that delivery date!  What are you most excited about??


  • I am 25 weeks pregnant with Twin BOYS!!!  I have trouble sleeping on my right side as well, as I did with my first child.  I have a body pillow that I use to sleep.  I don't go anywhere without it and it has been my sleep saver since the beginning of the pregnancy with the twins.

  • Lovemyboys-

    I just lost a post to you so if this posts twice-that is why.  What i was saying-CONGRATS!!! on twin boys! That is so exciting.  I love your body pillow idea-that is great!  What are you the most excited about in regard to being a new mom?  So muh to look forward to!!