He had a Vysectomy and I am pregnant......

  • My boyfriend and I have been together since Feb. and he told me at the beginning that he couldnt have any kids because he had a vysectomy. Well here I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am so confused????? I thought in a million years this wouldn't happen. He has 5 kids and I have 2.  Please give me some advice.

  • mom_2_be-

    Welcome to strongmoms!  What a surprise you have had, and i can understand your confusion!  What kind of advice are you looking for?  Do you have specific questions?  How can we help?


  • there was another page posted about a very similar topic... Only it was a dad who had a vasectomy and now his wife is pregnant... I can see how this could be very surprising and difficult to come to terms with. 

  • It is common for men who have had a vasectomy to still get women pregnant, especially if they never went back to the doctor to have their sperm evaluated. We all know that it only takes one! Right now you are probably in shock and dealing with a pregnancy you did not plan. Try to take this time to relax and come to terms with the new baby arriving. Chances are, you will adjust in a few weeks to this news and that this baby will be a blessing to both of you. Good luck and welcome to Strong MOMS.

  • I'd echo MommyRN4 and ask him if he ever went back to determine the success of the vasectomy. If not, sometimes they don't work out perfectly. When are you due? I'll be thinking of you as you adjust to this news - for some reason, this little one is supposed to be in your lives. Hang in there!

  • When are you due? Are you adjusting to the news a bit better now?