First time mom

  • Hello,

    I recently found out I am pregnant and am about 8 weeks along. I went to my first doctor's appointment with my fiance yesterday and got to hear my baby's heartbeat! My due date is February 10th. I am very excited, but nervous for what's to come. So far I've just been tired and nauseous, nothing I can't handle. I'm just looking for some support. My parents are getting excited and I'm sure they will be more excited once I'm farther along. I hope to make some friends on here and gain some knowledge :)

  • well Ive worked for OB/GYN for 6 yrs. RMA/RPT.. I can try to help if u had questions..

  • Congrats and welcome to the site! You're going to be pregnant in the best time of year... Lots of distractions in the early stages with back to back holidays and big during the cold months.. Do you have a gender preference?

  • I'm nervous for being pregnant during the holidays since I work retail...not very fun :( Both me and my fiance are hoping for a girl since all of his siblings have had boys. My mom thinks it will be a boy. I'll be happy either way.

  • I worked for Walgreens 40 hours a week during my entire pregnancy!.. Did i mention during a full store remodel also.  That was a ton of work trying to maintain a store that's in shambles and trying to keep our customers in the store during the noisy and messy construction. I worked like a maniac until the end of my 38th week then my store manager kicked me out of the store because he was afraid i was going to go into labor at work, and i was prepared to. The best advice I can give you is take it one stage at a time and don't over work yourself. I made sure my boss knew from the day I found out I was pregnant and made sure that I didn't do anything I din't think I could handle... Make sure you have a healthy lunch and a couple of healthy snacks on hand... Because trust me once the nausea leaves hunger is going to take over. I made it a point to get on line weekly and read about he new and exciting milestones my baby was making. That really helped pick my mood up when i felt down. Since you work retail the holidays are going to be an awesome focal point. once one holiday passed i'd say ok so we have xx months til the next one and i'd focus on the holiday. Not my growing belly, aching back, hips, you name it. Another thing about working retail that is going to work out to your benefit is walking. I was in the best shape i had ever been in while i was pregnant simply because i was constantly active. I only gained about 25 to 30 pounds and my labor and delivery was super easy. i know working retail during pregnancy sounds rough.. and some times it really is; i'm not going to lie. I wanted to quit a few times between the exhaustion, mood swings, hot flashes, and pain... But I knew i was strong and could push through one week and sometimes one day at a time. I made it through with flying colors just like i know you will. Remember you are a strong woman and you can make it through anything if you believe you can.. Just keep your eye on the prize and soon enough you're going to be holding your beautiful little baby. believe me when i tell you i know what you're going through. My baby was born February 24th of this year.. I went through all of the holidays, changing the set up of the "promo" aisle each and every time along with random things around the store while running the photo lab. You're in the same position i was in so if you need any advice or some encouragement to help you push through feel free to reach out. I'm always here.

  • That's crazy! I'm only working part time and I'm a full time student. That makes me nervous, too...commuting to school, trying to keep up with all my work, and working during the holidays. Hopefully being busy will distract me from all the cravings and aches during this pregnancy. So far I'm not hungry most of the time because nothing sounds good! That's a good point that I'll be walking around a lot so I'll be able to stay in good shape. Luckily, my store went through a remodel last year and I hope there won't be any more crazy changes. I have yet to tell anyone at work that I'm pregnant, I know I need to. I'm not sure how to go about it since we have a lot of different store managers, I'm not sure who to talk to exactly. My doctor called today and told me he got my blood work back and he let me know all the nutrients I'm low on. It's so hard for me to try to get all the nutrients when I don't feel like eating anything. Thank you for the encouragement, it's nice to know working in retail this winter won't be as bad as I think it will be!

  • Iris18- congrats on your pregnancy! So happy for you. :-) Taking your prenatal vitamins go a long way towards helping with nutrient deficiencies. Perhaps you could ask your doctor about these new gummy ones they have if the big regular pill is too hard to get down. Also, I found that making smoothies was an easier way to get stuff down when pregnant. You can add all kinds of yummy things, as well as healthy ingredients! Hope this helps a little - looking forward to getting to know you on here!