When does "feeling pregnant" kick in???

  • Hi there,

    First off, I am new this site as this is my very first pregnancy.  I just have a question for both new moms and experienced moms.  I am now 19 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  I've felt my little munchkin move since I was about 15 weeks.  It's such a beautiful experience and I am so ready to embark on the journey of motherhood.  However I feel like I should be more excited than I am now.  I am overwhelmed, yes, since this is my first pregnancy, but I'm still very happy.  I'm just wondering, when exactly will I start to feel "attached" to my growing baby?  I mean I start to place doubt on myself that I can handle motherhood, and ask myself why do I not feel like other soon to be mothers?  I mean I talk to the baby, and so do my fiance.  It almost feel as if we are sort of in denial that we really created something so wonderful, and it just haven't completely hit me yet that "oh my gosh, soon I will be a mother".  Is this a normal feeling?  I mean lately I find myself in awe over a lot of baby things and signing up for classes trying to learn more, so why do I feel as if there is a void between my little guy/gal and I?

  • Well congrats on your little one and welcome to the site. i tihnk that it is different for every one... for me it was when i could feel my daughter move... and for my fiance it was when we founf out we were having a girl. For some it's when they get all of the planning out of the way and a name chosen. Don't worry it will happen. Once you deliver and hear that baby you're going to have the most ridiculous flood of emotions and wonder how you ever lived life without this wonderful little person. Do you know what you're having yet?

  • Chances are you are already more attached than you think..you just might not think of it that way. When I was pregnant with my 4th child, I thought I wasn't very attached to the baby yet because I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I didn't really think about it..because I was so busy with the others. When I went to the doctor to hear the heartbeat they couldn't find it on the doppler....so she was concerned and had me go to the ultrasound room. When they did the internal ultrasound they found the baby's heartbeat and the baby in perfect condition. But those 10 minutes when they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat was so scary and I realized how much I was attached to him already. Don't worry===you are doing just fine. 

  • Hi! Welcome to the site and Congrats! I know exactly how you are feeling. My boyfriend and i were just talking about how it feels about having a lil one on the way. Too me i dont feel any different. Even though ive got the belly and i can feel my lil man moving CONSTANTLY! I just feel like nothing has changed or will change. But im sure it will as soon as we are in the hospital and going threw it all. But i kinda wish it would kick in or something...My mom told me its a very normal feeling since its my first one and all. I dont know what to expect and since i dont know what to expect i always expect something...It all comes to us in our own time. Just hang in there and if you have any questions im sure moms on here will be more than happy to share or help. Ive had great advice so far.

  • Hi, I can totally understand where you are coming from. I am expecting my first little boy as well. I mean no one can judge you excitement level, people have different personalities. And to me worrying is a good thing, it means you care. :) Trust me, I worry all the time about how I will be as a mother, but for me feeling pregnant kicked in at my first ultrasound; it was amazing seeing the life that I and the love of my life created together. It brought tears to both our eyes. Then once we found out we were having a boy and finally gave him his name, things became more real. I think you will start feeling it more and more until the baby gets here, and once he/she does, thats when it will feel most real. Good luck to you!

  • Oh thank you so much!!  We will not know until July 3rd what we are having.

  • I really do appreciate all of you all's help.  Your responses definitely put a smile on my face and gave me a huge blob of reassurance.  It is quite possible that I am expecting to be like others when it comes to my excitement level, but when I think about how my personality is this just MIGHT BE my extreme excitement! Big Smile But all in all I will wait until the end.  Who knows, This anatomy scan coming up in a few days may just completely change how I feel about the attachment between my little one and I.  After speaking to my fiance today about how I felt, he was shocked and told me that by the way I act when it comes down to our little one nine times out of ten I am completely attached it is just different since I cannot actually hold the baby right now.

  • I have to say that you are quite normal!! I was, of course, happy and excited for my little boy but I felt like the whole thing was quite surreal. Even after I gave birth, I couldn't quite believe that this little one was my OWN child! I would say in the first week or two after birth I completely fell in love with him and never turned back! Don't judge yourself too harshly compared to how you are "supposed to feel" - you are going to be a great mother and all your feelings will come in time. Hang in there! :-)