Carrying twins!!

  • After quite a struggle of trying to get pregnant and three IVF cycles we are finally pregnant and expecting twins!  My hubby and I are so excited!  This is my second pregnancy; our son is 10 years old.  Carrying twins is so much different than carrying a singleton.  Anyone else carrying or have carried twins and/or multiples?  Just had some questions...  Congrats to everyone who is blessed with a baby! 

  • WOW! Fantastic news!  You are going to do just great, and what a blessing to the whole family!  You will learn tactics to conserve time and energy, and before you know it they too will be in grade school.  Keep us posted!


  • Aww - congrats!! I'm so thrilled for you! Twins is such an exciting blessing - you must be over the moon. :-) How far along are you? I have not personally carried twins but I have taken care of a lot of mothers and multiples after they delivered. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you and I hope other moms of multiples hop on here and give you support and advice!