(New Timer) & First child on the way! :)

  • Hi I'm Cassie. I'm nineteen & as the weeks get closer ( I'm 31 weeks), I'm getting more worried. I moved back in with my parents & the father split.. I'm bummed about that, but I have alot more questions on what to expect. I really want to give birth without any meds. Am I crazy?

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! I am glad you are here and I am sorry that you are going through such a rough time right now. It is natural to get worried as your due date approaches and many of us wonder how we are going to do as mothers. Don't worry==use this time to read up about what to do once your baby arrives and make sure you write down any questions you have to ask your doctor. As far as delivering naturally, it isn't weird at all to want to go natural. Just discuss your plan with your doctor and be open to options. Good luck and welcome!

  • Congrats! :-) I agree with MommyRN4 - it's natural to be wondering about details as you get closer to the big day. You aren't crazy at all for wanting to deliver without medications - people have done it for thousands of years! Take the time, like MommyRN4 said, to read up all about labor and birth and know the best ways to cope with contractions. Make sure that whoever is going to be with you during the birth knows what you want and how to support you. You'll do just fine!! :-)

  • Hi Cassie... congratulations and it is perfectly normal to have questions and concerns. Your Doctor, family and friends can answer most questions, and for those that you can't figure out, you now have a second family here at Strongmoms. I am sure that it is daunting dealing with all the changes in your life, but you are going to enjoy this new chapter in your life! Good luck!

  • Also, check with your hospital because there are usually some great classes there...such as lamaze classes and child care classes.