• hi everyone, am a first time mom. as i get closer to my due date i get bored and feel depressed. any one with a good suggestion to help me. i mean i should be exicited. could dis be my hormones too Huh?

  • There are many mixed emotions about parenthood... it is an awesome responsibility and life changing experience. The next chapter of our lives is never easy to enter into. Make sure you have a support system in place and let your doctor know how you are feeling. Mothers-to-be often feel the way you do, and then feel even worse because they feel guilty about being depressed about what is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Don't feel badly about this, but recognize that there are support groups and professionals that can make you feel better about things. Strongmoms is a great first step. Good luck and congratulations!


  • nkbabe -

    Welcome to strongmoms.  I'm so glad that you found us as it sounds like you are in need of a bit of support right now.  Just as answerdad suggested your life is about to change, and while that is exciting it's also frightening!  YOu are right on about hormones playing a role in your mood as well.  I also think that as a society in general we paint this picture of the perfect pregnancy and birth and when we aren't feeling that way we feel like we've failed in some way.  Every single parent has a different experience, and each parent's experience is just fine!  There is no right or wrong.  I do want to encourage you though, if you are feeling very depressed to talk to your doctor and consider getting some help with coping with this transition into parenthood.  Please take care and hang in there!


  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Glad you found us here. :-) It's hard when your due date is approaching. It feels like time slows to a CRAWL. I'm currently just about 32 weeks and the last two weeks have seemed longer than my entire pregnancy so far! Is everything set up for the baby's room? Do you have your hospital bag packed? Perhaps do some things that will be hard to do once the baby comes. Go for some short day trips to the areas around you and take some walks or do some sight seeing. Cook some meals that can be frozen for when your little one arrives. Start a scrapbook for the first year so that you can just put the pictures of baby into it when you have them printed. Get some friends together for a girls night out with coffee and pedicures. Hope this sparks a few ideas...when are you due?? Hang in there!

  • My fiance and I wrote letters to our little girl throughout my pregnancy. It was kind of therapeutic, I find sometimes that it easier to express myself in writing than by talking. Maybe writing some letters or keeping a journal will help you work through some unresolved thoughts and feelings. The best part of writing your feelings is you can express them and it can help get them out, but you're not obligated to share them unless you want.  Hang in there though you're so close to the next step so try to enjoy the ride. Be sure to let your doctor know what you're thinking so that they can make sure you get some help or medicine if you need it. There's no shame in needing a little help now and then.. Especially after the emotional ride a pregnancy will put you through.

  • I love Brinny's suggestion! Letters not only serve as a creative outlet, but document your life during pregnancy which you can then share with your children and future generations.