I feel bad for my husband.

  • Im 26 weeks pregnant, and my little man is moving like crazy. I love feeling him kicking and rolling around, the other day I had my arm laying on my stomach and he kicked at it and I was able to see it jump. My husband wants to feel the baby so bad but everytime I tell him the baby is moving, he will come over to feel it but the baby stops moving. I think my husband feels bad and Im  not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

  • Just give it time. My fiance was the same way when i was pregnant with our daughter. He'd cuddle with me on the couch and hold my stomach so he wouldn't miss a chance. He didn't feel her until i was probably 24 weeks along. Don't worry though.. soon enough you won't be the only one the baby is kicking at night. I remember the closer i got to giving birth the more my daughter would move at night. she would often kick her dad and wake him up. Sounds funny, but she can really kick hard. those little legs just get movin so fast. 

  • My firstborn did this with my husband too. EVERY TIME he would try to feel him, he'd stop kicking. We finally just agreed that he is incredibly soothing and the baby loves to have him there. ;-) With my second boy, if he lays in bed with me and just leaves his hand there, eventually he will kick and squirm. I find when I focus on the movement, he stops. We just lay there and talk with his hand on my stomach and it seems to work better. Hope this helps a bit! 

  • I think Brinny has good advice for you.  Just be reassuring, tell him you'll wake him up at 3am when the baby is kicking! lol.  Just kidding.  Hang in there,


  • We went through the same thing with our little one! I agree with the others and just give it time. It will be really easy for him to feel the baby move in a few more weeks. Hang in there!


  • We husbands/Dads to be are so needy! Just kidding... there are many parts of pregnancy that we Dads just don't get to experience along with Moms. Most of those things, I am glad to have avoided, but the bonding with baby while in the womb and during nursing is something that made me envious. He will have a lifetime to make up for anything he doesn't experience now, so just tell him to share in your excitement and his time will come. Congrats!

  • I am in a similar situation. My husband has no feeling in one whole arm and very limited feeling in another. I was so excited for him to feel my 1st kick and it really didn't happen until the end. He was the baby wisperer. I had him lay his cheek on my tummy.It seems these guys can feel the smallest movement this way.

    Round 2. I wanted him to feel our 2nd. Now here is the downside. He is afraid of intamacy bc he is afraid he wil hurt the baby. Everything was fine until it clicked really good in his head that.... Wow there is a baby moving in there.   But

  • EastTexasMommy-So glad you are able to share your experiences here and how things have been different with baby two.  I think that to spite our best planning or intentions we just can't control everything that we wish that we can or could.  Hard one!  -Jess

  • East Texas Mommy... I have had similar concerns regarding intimacy with my wife when she has been pregnant. Docs say there is no risk, but psychologically, once you feel the baby move, there is just enough of a distraction to cause some doubt.

  • Well my husband felt a small kick and I did notice he has backed away from the intimacy department. Truthfully that made me feel unwanted. :(