My Due date is on September. Anyone same with me ???

  • Hi all dear friends, 

    This is my first post & just wanna find some friends that due date is around in September, mine is Sep 5th. I am having a son, and this is my first time, so excited but also worried about the labor LOL. 

    Sleeping is getting uncomfortable while I should turn to other side, my legs are heavy & painful to move.

    May God bless & strengthen all expecting moms ! 

  • Hi babyjoen.  I am due September  16th.  I am having a boy and this is my first baby as well.  I am excited and worried about the labor as well.  Sleeping is very uncomfortable for me, so not getting much sleep.  


  • Babyjoen- I am due in sept too! my due date is september 10th and I am pregnat with my fourth child and is a boy too! but I might have my baby before then because my doctor is scheduling a c section and he told me that they probly going to do the c section a round the first or third of september and I know how you feeling too. it is getting very uncomfortable for me to sleep at night too sometimes I fall asleep untill 2 or 3 in the morning. But anyway about you being nervous about going into labor it is perfectly normal. I still get nervous too even know that I have 3 kids already and I'm pregnant with my fourth one i still get nervous about going into labor. but I try not to worry so much. because once you give birth to your baby and hear him cry for the first time. you will know it was all worth it. so right just try to relax and focus on having a healthy baby and I wish you the best of luck.
  • My due date is a couple of weeks ahead of you! I am due August 15th with a little boy and we are so busy getting ready! This heat wave has made being pregnant a bit of a challenge--what about you? How are you managing the summer heat?

  • Hi,

    I am Due September 25th with my 5th child, This will be my First Girl. Even after 4 I am still Nervous for number 5, every experience differs from the last so being nervous is normal!! I don't hink I have slept well the whole pregnancy, my best stretch of sleep is actually from 530 am to 830 am Prior to that I wake every hour!! Thankfully my kids are older and I can sleep in!! Good Luck & God Bless!!

  • Hello, I am also having a son by csection on Sept. 5. I cant wait to see my little man! This is my 5th child and csection. I am so scared.


  • babyjoen

    Welcome to Strong moms and congrats on your pregnancy and upcoming delivery.  As you can tell you have found a very supportive place to come, so I hope you will continue to stop in and keep us posted!


  • we are due September 15th, They told us it's a girl but they could have said it was a cow or anything and I couldn't tell by the picture...

  • I am due Sept. 28 with my second child and I am having a boy!

  • Congrats!! This too is my  first pregnancy and i am due sept 12. Im having a girl and i understand exactly what you are going through i also find it hard to sleep it helps to keep them elevated at night and to sleep on your side if possible.

    I am also worried about giving birth but at the same time im so  ready and excieted i just cant wait to hold my daughter!

    I wish you and your son the best of luck and i hope everything goes well

  • Hi!

    I am new to this site, but am also due September 5th. I am having my second little girl and cannot wait to meet her!

  • I could not find anyone better that is going through the same thing as me right Im 32 weeks and counting. although your due before me im due in october and this is my first as well. what i do know is yu are not the only one because i am sooo nervous about labor too sometimes i cannot get it off my mind. what i try to do, as yu should too, is just dont think about it until it is actually time. Mainly because the more yu think about it the more anxiety yu get and i dont feel like its healthy to always be stressed. Keep your head up and know yu will soon have your little baby boy in your arms:) im thinking that exact way right

  • Wow! So many September babies!  Congrats to all soon to be moms and dads!  


  • I will  be due on september 24th. Feeling so excited and anxious at the same time too. This is my first pregnancy and i'm about 35weeks gone. Feeling so lazy these days. Cant wait to carry my baby.

  • I am also due in September! But late September. 29th to be exact. This is my second child and it is another boy for me!!!!