Tired but no sleep! About 9 wks

  • I'm so tired but can't nap during the day, or sleep very well at night.  I also have terrible morning sickness that's been going on 24/7 for a month now.  The Dr. Had to finally give me medicine to stop the nausea, but I still have it, but I just don't puke like I was.  Yet I can feel that I've gained weight!  I'm so discouraged!  This is my 5th pregnancy.


  • Rainbowbrite680 -

    I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time!  Not being able to sleep and then feeling nauseas all the time-no fair at all!  Was it like this for previous pregnancies?  IF so what did you find helpful then?  Have you tried some of the home remedies for sleep like warm milk, or even putting a blanket in the dryer and then going to bed with a warm blanket.  Those are two things that often help me get to sleep.  For the nausea I know many women benefit from anything ginger as it has natural anti-nausea effect.  They make ginger candy and tea for nausea that you can buy at most grocery stores.  If you totally uncomfortable though I'd go back to the doctor, they may be able to give you more ideas and help.

    Keep me posted, and feel better!

    Sending sweet dreams your way,


  • It's not nice to feel so bad--especially the 5th time around. It's not like you can just lay around all day! :) I am also expecting my 5th child, so it is nice to meet someone else in my situation. How old are your other kids? I am nearing the end of my pregnancy though--only 2 more weeks left and we are having a little boy! Hang in there....the first trimester will be over before you know it and hopefully things will get better afterwards!

  • Ah, I'm sorry you've been so sick. I've been on Zofran my entire pregnancy. It's no fun...Don't worry too much about the weight gain. It's natural to just pop out and show more quickly with each pregnancy. Just do your best to eat a fairly healthy diet and I know you are busy running around after your other 4 kiddos! Try to take care of yourself a bit and hopefully your nausea will dissipate before you know it. Hugs.

  • Thinking about you and wondering how you are doing? Are you getting some sleep finally? How is the nausea? Let us know how you are and what works for you!

  • Oh Snap hun!  I am having my 4th baby and I know EXACTLY how you feel. This baby well, it was kind of a surprise!  I started feeling sick the end of May.  Not ever having a "Good Day"  if I even remember what that is like :(   I think they needed to rename my morning sickness to "ALL DAY SICKNESS"  And like you I have actually been GAINING weight-  What's with that anyway!  RIGHT???  The worst part is that my baby right now is 6 years old-  my oldest is 10 and my middle baby is 8. They need me to be a mom and not the mom that says-  Hey what do you think about frozen waffles tonight for supper!  Worst mom ever!  My husband has been AMAZING-  taking over cooking,  making things that I normally wouldn't-  Box Mashed potatos and a load of mac and cheese-  haha...  My kids are the pride and JOY of my life and I am sure this baby will be no different. I just want to start being the mom I was!  School and homework start in a week and I am trying to put my mind over body and be excited for life-  But it's very difficult! I hope I start feeling better soon-  They said once I get into my 2nd trimester I should start feeling better  ha-  I can't wait I am in my 3rd week in my 2nd trimester.  STILL WAITING!!