Third Trimester moodiness?

  • I am now into my third trimester and I feel as though I've morphed into the wicked witch of the west! I feel like I could take on the world's meanest dictator and put them in their place...LOL! Anyone else ever experience this?? I didn't feel like this in my pregnancy for my daughter...but now for my son? WHOA, watch out! This is SO out of character for me. I feel like an alien has taken over my mind! Is this normal?

  • I was the same way.. I started out my pregnancy completely normal and stayed that way until maybe 26 weeks. After that point it was like a switch was flipped and all the sudden I had an opinion on EVERYTHING and took crap from no one. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly nice, understanding, and forgiving.. In fact I give everything of myself to everyone but myself. The moment that someone is unjustly rude or treats me unfairly it's a whole new ballpark, and from that moment I could care less of what that person would think of me and they would hear what I would normally just think. ENTIRELY out of character for me. It didn't completely go away after my daughter was born, but it has calmed down a lot and continues to get better as I force myself to be aware of my actions. After all I am my daughters primary roe-model on how to become a loving, respectful woman who knows when it's appropriate to hold her piece and when it's necessary to keep from being taken advantage of..

  • Sherberri1983,

    Hang in their sheriberri1983!  I'm sorry to hear that things are rough with mood, hang in there though it sounds like you've made it to the third trimester.  I'm glad that Brinny was able to offer you some support from someone who has been in your shoes.  Try to take some deep breaths and know that things will be back to normal soon, and you will have a beautiful baby in your life.

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  • YES! It's normal. I'm currently experience moodiness of my own - it ranges from extreme highs to extreme lows! Usually things level out a bit after you deliver - just hang in there. :-)

  • Every pregnancy is different and every pregnant woman is different, but moodiness is very common. By the end of your pregnancy, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, aggravated, and tired of being heavy, uncomfortable, and in a certain amount of pain all the time. Backaches, swollen feet, difficulty turning over in bed, and braxton hicks contractions can take their toll on anyone! Hang in there! 

  • Sheriberri: I know exactly what you are saying. I am currently 37 and 1/2 weeks with my third child and I am a major witch most of the time. I get extremelly overwhelmed and go smooth off for no reason. I don't remember doing this with my two other pregnancies so it has been a struggle. My husband and I have fought a lot because of my mood swings and emotional outbursts (this is our first child together) but fortunately he is hanging in there with me. I don't know if it's normal but I did speak to my OB about it and she has prescribed some medication that is safe to take during pregnancy to help. If it keeps getting worse maybe that is an option for you. AmandaTongue Tied

  • I feel the exact same way i know what your going through im 32 weeks and omg i feel like everyone is just getting on my last nerve. Even the babys! There is no way that this is not normal. Also the fact that i am so anxious and nervous about birth being my first child, i tend to snap at everyone so trust me yu are not alone. i hope everything is well with yu and just try to am i because if i dont i will probably go haywire. lol.

  • sheriberri1983 -

    Just wanted to check in with you as it's been a few days since your post.  How are you feeling?  It sounds as though we have a few ;) other mom's around here who feel the same as you!