first baby and iam 9 weeks

  • hello iam new iam pegnet for the first time and iam 2 mo and 2 weeks and iam crying about everything wow i never knew i would cry so much

  • Hi there. I too cry often. The littlest things set me off and I feel so emotional. I've definitely been eating more, but not really craving anything in particular. I'm 8 weeks 6 days now, pregnant with my first too. I'm hoping the second trimester will be better, or at least I will have more energy and not feel so down. How is your energy level?

  • Hello there!!  First off, congratulations to you! 

    It's ok that your emotions are turned up to the max.  I am 26 weeks and 2 days at the moment with my first, a baby girl, and let me tell you...I cried today because my ultrasound appointment wasn't in the same location that I normally have it in -_-.  It will eventually wear off once you are in your second trimester.  I had moments where I didn't feel so emotional and others where I felt over emotional.  It's all fairly normal, though!  It's going to be ok *hugs*

  • Better buy a lot of tissues! The entire pregnancy will be an emotional rollercoaster! Hormones do some crazy things to us gals! Just remember, its ok to cry! It's a release, and a small preview of the real crying you will experience after baby arrives...the first few weeks postpartum are a cryfest! Enjoy your pregnancy and new baby, tears and all.