my second pregnancy yayyy

  • i am  a lesbian in pregnant in this is my second bby in my second  

    lil  girl we cant wait to welcome her into  the world n to see her lil face n

    in make our family bigger 

  • Congrats!  So happy for you, and another baby girl, wonderful news. :)  Are you new to the site as well?  If so wanted to welcome you, and let you know that I hope you will return anytime you are in need of support, questions or want to give us an update.  Look forward to getting to know you better,

    Jess Smile

  • Congrats on your little girl! :-) Is your first a girl or boy? Are they excited? Happy for you!!

  • congrats on the babygirl on the 17 weeks oregnant with my second child and i go to the dr today so hopefully ill find out what im oldest is nine and she is super excited and so are me and dad....

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Little girls are so sweet and so much fun. I have only one daughter but she is such a joy! Congrats!