Gestational Diabetes

  • Hello fellow moms!


    This past Thursday I went in for my Gestational Diabetes blood work. Just a heads up, the drink is not bad as long as its cold. I was able to get it all down in 5 minutes. On another note, I immediately got a sugar rush and felt very nauseous and faint! All I could do was lay down in the car and wait for that feeling to pass! When I went to the doctors office I asked if I was supposed to be sick after drinking the liquid. The nurse said yes, some women feel ill and some don't. I wished someone would have warned me before. Luckily my husband was driving so I was able to lay down until I felt a little better. If I were alone, I'd be pretty nervous and would have had to pull over. So if any of you are getting the GI testing, be sure you are prepared in case you feel queezy after. Hopefully my results come back ok.

    Also, I got the 4D sono done this past Thursday as well. I recommend that mothers especially first time mommys (like me) get it. Its so amazing to see your little baby all snuggled up in your womb! I'm more in love with my daughter than ever...I'm sure when I meet her it will be much deeper. We saw her facial features, hands, feet, body and we were also able to get confirmation that she is a girl! We left with a keepsake CD and black and white photos of her. GREAT EXPERIENCE! It's definetly worth it :)

  • I felt the same way after my diabetes test. The drink they gave me wasn't cold and tasted like very sugary flat orange soda. the guy who gave the drink to me said that it comes in carbonated form also and that it's much easier to get down. Don't know why he didn't give that to me in the first place instead of making me suffer i'll never know.


  • Congratulations! It is such a wonderful experience when you see that first 4D ultrasound. So incredible--isn't it. I am glad that you got to see your little girl! 

  • Great news and thanks for the heads up for other moms... the 4D images are life-changing... such a surreal experience!

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  • Brinny - I'd have loved a carbonated version of the glucose drink! I've never seen one - i hope they become standard. :-) 

    Moriahsmommie - So happy for you! I've never gotten the 4D ultrasound but I've heard so much about how amazing they are and seen other people's pictures. Where did you go for yours? I'll have to try it if I have one more! 

  • Carbonated glucose soda?????? That sounds delish!!!! Too bad mine tasted a little flat but atleast it was cold! Smile

    I live in Northern Virginia so I had it done at my OBs office in Fairfax County. Awesome experience as long as baby cooperates. My little one slept the entire time and wouldn't show her face. After a while she took her hands down and we were able to see her little face... so sweet! She looks like my hubby...LOL it's that detailed. Just an FYI- most insurances will not cover 4d sonos if it is not a medical need. Like ours we paid $100 bucks for it. Hope that helps Smile