For those who worry about what they eat...

  • This may cause a contraversy. Others will know exactly what I'm saying.

    I was one of those people who got on Google for EVERY LITTLE THING and typed the DUMBEST questions about what I would do... or eat. 

    During my pregnancy I ate fast food almost every day.  That's my confession.  I took my prenatals and drank next to no soda... but my eating habbits were TERRIBLE.  McDonalds, Fazolis, Papa Johns, Taco Bell.... you name it :/ Also ate at quite a few restaraunts...   (I felt bad about it but didn't have much of an option to cook or eat at home. Work, and other life issues...)

    Everybody told me that my baby was going to be sick all the time, she would be very over weight, I would have bone and teeth defects because she wasn't getting what she needed from my diet.......

    But... she was born... an average 7 lbs 7 oz.... and is as healthy as ever.  My body didn't have any major side effects, no teeth problems, anything....  She was great. She's great now.

    I guess my question is..... is it just a hype? People get too worried and worked up about things, but in reality it's almost always okay?  
    I also just wanted to put some people's minds at rest if they were anything like I was, searching every little thing.

  • I am so glad that your baby was born healthy and happy. While your baby may have had no side effects or trouble from your pregnancy diet, it was far from healthy. My main concern would be that you weren't getting the nutrition you needed to be healthy and now you may find yourself with higher cholesterol and other vitamin deficiencies. In addition, eating a poor diet and drinking too much caffeine does raise your risk of miscarriage and carrying your baby to full-term.

    Try to modify your diet to eat healthy now, while she is still little so you can teach her how to eat healthy once she is older. It is hard to convince a toddler to eat her veggies and fruit when you have french fries. My advice for any mom would be to try your best to eat as healthy as you can when you are pregnant, follow your doctor's advice, take your prenatal vitamins, and avoid alcohol and smoking at all costs. Yet we are all human --and even the best of us succumb to our candy bar cravings when we are pregnant. If you try to eat healthy the majority of the time when you are pregnant, then you can feel good about that occasional indulgence into some Ben and Jerry's.