11 Weeks and not feeling pregnant

  • I am 11 wks today actually and I do not feel pregnant at all. My boobs arent sore anymore, I never had morning sickness, I'm not really urinating more either. Aside from being a little more hungry, being itchy and actually having the u/s photos I'd never know. This is my first baby too.
    Anyone else going through/gone through this? I could use any advice or words of wisdom.

  • Hi MaddieKate!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I know exactly how you're feeling.  I'm pregnant with my 2nd right now, and I have never experienced morning sickness.  It's kind of disappointing in a way--my sister is pregnant as well, and was sick for so long and had tons of pregnancy symptoms while I had none.  I'm a big worrier, too, so the whole 4 weeks between doctor appointments I was going crazy.  I knew deep down that everything was fine, but I had no symptoms to back it up.

    I'm now 22 weeks along and can feel my little girl moving all the time.  My sister still talks about how jealous she is that I was never sick, and I can see how lucky I am now that I have other pregnancy pains that I got to skip the early symptoms.

    Hang in there--you will feel pregnant eventually.  Right now just enjoy the fact that you still feel like you (not the whale-like person you'll feel like by the end :) ).

  • Consider yourself blessed! Some women are lucky enough not to have strong pregnancy symptoms and that's okay. Just keep taking your prenatal vitamins and going to your doctor's visits and before you know it you will begin to feel the baby move. Once that starts, you will start to feel a LOT more pregnant!!! LOL! :) congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • Congrats! I was the exact same way...never had any symptoms except this weird stomach thing were i never felt full or hungry but i didnt feel it till later. totally normal! the 4week waits are hard but enjoy before the aches come!

  • Hi MaddieKate,  you're not alone.  I'm almost 16wks pregnant with Twins and I really didn't start feeling pregnant until 15wks.  At 15wks I knew something felt a little different.  I would get some nausea during the first trimester but it was not what I expected.  I expected to be sick part if not all day long and instead just certain foods for smells would make me nauseous.  If I wasn't around it I was fine.  I think we're very blessed for not having to experience such rough pregnancies.

  • What a blessing! So fabulous that you are not feeling sick or dealing with other unpleasant side effects. Usually somewhere between 18-22 weeks mothers feel their babies kicking. Many people I know say that the pregnancy really starts to become a reality at this point. You'll be picking out maternity clothes and looking pregnant by this point too, usually, and you'll have another ultrasound somewhere in this time frame to check on your baby's growth. You can find out the sex at this point too. Do you plan to do that? I hope all continues to be smooth sailing for you! 

  • I am definitely planning on finding out the sex.  My doctor is 90% sure it's a boy & girl (fingers crossed!)  I have my next appointment on Oct 18th.  I will know for sure then.  I can't wait to feel those little flutters.  I'll be 16wks tomorrow so hopefully not much longer.

  • Hi MaddieKate,


    I am approximately 7-8 weeks along and have had the same feelings. I have only felt sick but haven't had morning sickness or anything. My breasts are tender but that's really the only thing. I went to the doctor for the first time last week and have been worrying that something's wrong for a while now. I'm anxious to see the baby on my ultrasound on the 2nd.