first time mother and im 35 weeks and 4 days along.

  • I'm already having medium contractions and unsure of what i need to look out for as an early sign. Most the time i am alone at home so transportation is a big deal due to the fact most likely ill be the one driving.

    My Story,

    I found out 2 months ago i was pregnant with my first child which this was completely unexpected. Due to the fact I never really have periods. I have PCOS. I was always told i had a 5 % chance of ever baring a child. I am 26 year old female.

    Big Smile Please help lady's

  • Congratulations on your first pregnancy! At 35 weeks, you will definitely want to contact your doctor and let him know about your contractions. They may want to put you on bedrest until you reach 37 weeks. Don't wait--call him as soon as you can!

  • I totally support MommyRN4's advice and wanted to check in as it's been a few hours since she posted that.  Let us know how you are doing, but first of all get checked out by your doc!


  • How are you doing? It's been a couple of days now - any more contractions? Hopefully they were just false labor and you are doing okay. Sometimes being dehydrated will cause false labor, so make sure you drink plenty of water! :-) Let us know how you are! 

  • I am curious as well as to how things are going.  Would love an update.  :)