To eat or not to eat

  • i just got back from my 1st appt, and I forgot to ask what foods i can't eat!

    I know about the deli meat, and fish.  But what else?  Is chicken OK?  Beef has to be leather done doesn't it?

  • I will try to list everything I can think of here. Maybe someone else has some others. Be sure to mention it to your OB. He/she will probably have a handout for you.

    No- swordfish, mackerel, or shark. Limit tuna to 12oz per week.

    Nothing at all raw. Except of course veggies and fruit. Wink

    No cheese made with unpasteurized milk. This one really stunk for me because I love the cheese they serve with chips at Mexican places and it was a no no.

    Strictly limit caffeine.

    Do make sure all meats are cooked well-done.

    Here is a good link from March of Dimes: