my first boy

  • hey there this is the first boy that im having,i already have 2 girls i am 22 weeks and 6 days so exsited

  • Congrats!! You must be thrilled! How old are your little girls? Boys are so much fun - I have two of them now and they are such a joy. Congrats again. :-) Any names? 

  • Britt-

    CONGRATS!  That is great news!  How old are your girls?  Do they know about their baby brother? Dad must just be beside himself. :)  I remember when working in the NICU a few years ago I was taking care of triplets-2 girls and a boy.  Dad came in, in the morning with a blue baseball one-sie-and he was just beaming ear to ear.  He shared with me that they already had two girls at home.  He said that he had been living in the land of pink for the last 5 years and he finally had his boy!  Can you imagine the amount of pink, ponies, barbies and dolls in a house with now 4 girls?!  I've always smiled when recalling that morning.  What are you most excited about, about having a baby boy?  How are you feeling?

    So glad you shared with us, keep us posted on how things are going for you and family.


  • Ohh congratulations! Little boys are so amazing and cute! You will just fall in love instantly and so will your girls! Congratulations and good luck!