Pregnant with my Second

  • When I was pregnant with my second child, I found that many things about my pregnancy were different. I was so tired but couldn’t nap because I was running after my first boy, my nausea didn’t start till almost 11 weeks, and I got big very quickly! What did those of you with multiple kids find different about your various pregnancies? --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh man I could write a book! In general, I started showing a lot earlier with each pregnancy and my pregnancy symptoms got better. By the time I was pregnant with my 5th baby, I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms! I guess my body got used to the feeling of being pregnant by then! LOL!

  • My wife is in the 3rd trimester of her fourth pregnancy and there have been some consistencies and some differences. She gets really sick first tri, which has lasted a little longer each time. The real changing dynamic is that every pregnancy, she and I are running after one more little one!

  • Running after those other kids really makes a difference! Wouldn't trade it for anything, though. :-) 

  • We found the biggest difference in our lives when we went from our first to our second kids. Having a third has not been a big difference but I wonder how it will be with four?

  • AnswerDad---#4 is easy because you are already juggling a lot and one more "ball" in the air isn't as big of a deal. Unfortunately, that means that #4 will grow up quickly and then you look back and barely remember them as a baby! :( Now with #5, I am trying to remind myself to slow it down a bit and take a good long look at him before he grows up. He is already growing too quickly!

  • It's true... I already can't believe how old my oldest is now... in kindergarten. Just looked at pics from not too long ago when her head fit in the palm of my hand!