Expecting # 3 May 2nd, 2013! New here!

  • Hi!  My name is michelle and I am pregnant with # 3 DD-due on May2, 2013.  I have two other older children ages 7 & 13.  All my children will be 7 years apart!  I'm 36 y/o and live in southern Indiana and work as a Registered Nurse as a Case Manager in Work Comp.  I am having a high risk pregnancy with an incompetent cervix, 2 emergent cerclages later, bedrest for the remanider..I sit at 23wks1d this morning!  My DH is the most wonderful person in the world and absoutely does everything without complaining...cooking,cleaning, kids, laundry..daily massages..and works full time..the list goes on.  How can I ever show my gratitude to him, outisde of some moody moments with my hormones!

    Anyone else in a high risk pregnancy or due in May 2013?  I look forward to meeting people n here and giving and receiving support from others.  Thanks and have a great day!

    Michelle-Due May2nd with # 3 DD-Kaitlyn Marie

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! I am so sorry to hear that your pregnancy has been so complicated thus far but I am glad that you seem to have some excellent help! I have 5 children myself and am also a nurse! My youngest is just 4 months old and we are so happy! Glad you are here with us--hope we can be of some help during your pregnancy as well! 

  • Congrats on your pregnancy!  I'm a FTM to a little girl due on May 4th.  So I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow.  I am also high rick due to a SUA and several other concerns that the doctors are monitoring.  So far, no bed rest but they have put me on light duty since week 20 and said to avoid stairs and excersing too much.  At 28 weeks they said they will start non-stress test with Elise and I and said that we likely won't make it to full term because of the IUGR risk associated with SUA (even though some SUAs go full-term w/out any issues).  I'm sorry that you've had a pretty complicated pregnancy but it definitely does help to have support at home and on here!  These mommies are amazing!

    I'm wanting a natural birth but the IUGR risk is going to be monitored closely and if they feel that the baby would do better outside than on the inside, then they said they would likely take her after 32 weeks if necessary but they are aiming for 34 weeks or later.  Overall, it's just scary.  If we can make it to 36 weeks, I really really do not want to be induced because that just increases stress on her and limits her oxygen even more than it already will be.  I'm just hoping to do this as naturally as possible but in the end, I'll do whatever is needed to ensure this little one's safety.

    Best of luck and congrats again!  :)

  • Hi there. I'm new here, too.  I am 38 expecting #3 as well, my DD is 11 and DS is 8. We are having another boy!!  I am high risk due to my age, my pre-existing hypertension and history of gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy.  I am due April 26.  Sounds like we have a lot in common, not to mention that my hometown is Bloomington, IN, but I now live in North Carolina.



  • Glad to see people connecting on here! I just had my second 4 months ago. Your husband sounds pretty amazing - so good to see men out there who cherish their wives. :-) I hope time flies by sooner rather than later. Good luck!!