I"m REALLY Confused!!!

  • This is my first pregnancy, And I was wondering iff someone cld help me with the whole concieving and how far along I am now situation. I started spotting on May 8 then on May 9 at night I got my period full on, Around May 20 I think was when I sld have been ovalating, But Inever know Cuz my period always comes Whenever It wants to, Sometimes I even have it Twice a month. On June 6 I started Cramping and Having terrible stomach pain So I thought it was my period, On June 8 I started feeling REALLY crappy. So then on June 9 I took a two pregnancy test and they cam back positive.                 So Can some one Please help me figure out when I concieved and how far along I am?

    Thank you-

  • My first step would be to see your gyno to confirm the pregnancy. He or she can help you figure out a date of conception based on an ultrasound if you're unsure of the date of your last period.