• My due date is February 10th and I'm almost 37 weeks now. I'm definitely starting to feel nervous about labor and after labor. I'm dilated 2 cm. I know I could stay a 2 for a while or I could go into labor any time now, which is pretty exciting!

    I guess what I'm most nervous about is actually giving birth. I'm also nervous because I'm still a full time student. I only go two days a week, but one day I'm there for nine hours! I'm also working, but will have maternity leave. I'm just starting to freak out and hope I can handle everything!

  • Well firstly congrats on your baby.. I would also like to say just relax and enjoy the ride. Labor and Delivery really isn't bad. You somehow just know what to do and how to get through it. Remember that you can ask for pain medication and that doesn't make you weak or less of a woman. If you're afraid of getting the epidural then i can tell you that my experience was really good. I only felt one poke (which was less painful than getting my iv put in, or the many blood draws and shots i had to receive throughout my pregnancy). After that initial poke there was just some tingling in my legs during placement of the catheter. I urge you to discuss a birth plan with your doctor and hopefully the two of you can come to a consensus about what will be the best route for you and put your fears at easy. recovery really isn't too bad either. I was sore for a while, but not enough for pain medication. Just take it easy and take advantage of all the people willing to help while you can.

  • Iris18-

    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  We are thinking about you!


  • Iris - you've got a full plate! I, however, think that if you have been handling working and school together already, it seems you are a pretty organized and capable person. Adding a baby to your life will certainly make things a lot busier but you can do it! :-) What are you studying? How much longer do you have? Congrats to you for continuing with your education - so worth it for you and your baby! 

  • Congrats on the approaching baby! I think every woman gets nervous once the L & D approaches! You don't know what to expect but just know that whatever happens the hospital knows just what to do to make you comfortable and the labor how you want it. With my first my water broke at home around 11 at night. We didn't rush to the hospital and got there maybe an hour later. I had my epidural which I didn't really feel except for a slight poke. My recovery after was a little slow because she had been stuck and we had to use forceps. My second labor was FAST! I woke up around 2:30am and made it to the hospital just in time to have her at 4:09! No epidural but my recover was amazing! I was up that day and took a shower the next day and walking around. I had the nurses comment on how well I recovered. I also didn't have to push so hard only 2 times so I didn't work my body so hard like my first labor. Every labor will be different and the first usually is the longest. As long as you know what you want such as an epidural or natural and have an idea of a birthing plan you have discussed with your doctor you are pretty much set! Don't expect it to go exactly as planned. If you do that you won't be disappointed or worried! Once it happens you don't really think about the details you just go with the flow! The nurses take good care of you and help you with whatever you need! Good luck!

  • Thank you everyone for your advice! I am majoring in sign language interpreting and after this semester will have a year left (hopefully!). I am still undecided on pain medication. I do not want an epidural because of all the negatives that have happened with family members who have had epidurals, but I'm scared that pain will be too much. I am currently dilated to 3 cm as of today, three more weeks (maybe) to go!

  • Hello Iris, 

    I am in your same boat. I am due on the 11th of February, but I feel like my boy is bigger than when I had my daughter at this time. I hear people say that boys tend be more heavy-set and usually comes earlier. I've been very nervous considering these thoughts but I've also heard that the second time is easier. 

    This must be your first? I felt unprepared too when I had my daughter, but everything just happened so fast. Don't stress yourself too much. Your body is made to endure this process. 

    Congratulations and Good luck!! Smile

  • Congratulations your almost on your way of being a Mom. Welcome to the Motherhood. Wishing you all the best.

  • Yeah your really right MKVang that our body is made to endure the process. That should be the right thing to put in mind to those mothers out there who is very worried about giving birth.

  • Iris-thanks for the update!  It sounds like things are going well.  Trust you intuition, you will know what to do if you listen to your body and your inner voice.  

    MKVang-thanks for joining the conversation and good luck with your baby!  So glad you were able to connect here!

    I'm thinking of both of you and I am looking forward to hearing about that special day that is not so far from now!