I'm Having My Baby Thursday!!!

  • Hi, I haven't posted on here a lot lately, we've been pretty busy getting things ready for our little one.  I just wanted to get on here and let everyone know that I'm scheduled for a c-section this coming Thurday (June 18)  I really thought that he'd be here before then, but so far he's staying nice and comfy in mommy's belly.  I started my leave from work today, so it'll be nice to have a little time to rest and finish up housework.

    I noticed that there are some new posters on here, so for those of you I don't know... My name is Jenn and I'm 38 weeks pregnant.  I'm expecting a little boy whom we're naming Jacob Anthony.  I also have a 4 year old daughter named Lillian Rose and she is VERY excited about becoming a big sister.

    I'm sure I'll be on here off and on before the big day comes, but it'll probably be a little while afterward before I get a chance to update.  I just wanted to thank all the regulars for the advice and support they've given.  As far as the newbies, I look forward to getting to know you!

  • Congratulations on your baby boy. Hope all goes well on Thursday. And thank you very for the posts that you have put up, they have been helpful. :)


  • Congrats! I hope it goes well. Are you getting nervous? Have you gotten everything ready?

  • Congratulations on your baby Boy.  Wish you the best on Thursday.



  • BabyNurse3

    Congrats! I hope it goes well. Are you getting nervous? Have you gotten everything ready?

    Not really nervous yet...I think I'm STILL partially in denial since this baby was a surprise.  LOL  I told my fiance I'll probably be crying and everything else since it's taking me so long to get used to the idea of having another baby.

    As far as getting everything ready, I THINK we are now.  I just double checked my hospital bag yesterday and realized that I had only packed one bra and that we didn't even own any newborn sleepers, so we had to make a trip to the store.  Since I've tried so hard to be prepared I'm sure that I'm still leaving something out.Tongue Tied


  • Great news! Best of luck and enjoy your new addition!

  • Congratulations!  I too, am having a C-section tomorrow (18th,) and I am getting excited (not to say that I wasn't before, but anxiousness is setting in too :))

    This will be my 3rd baby (also by C-section,) a boy.  We have a 12 year old boy who is excited to have a brother and a 2 year old girl who is excited but not so sure (I suppose either way it is competition!!)

    I just wanted to say I hope all goes well for you and your partner and I know you will do well!

  • CONGRADULATIONS on your little boy!!! Good luck to you today!!! Yes

  • How exciting! Congratulations and I hope everything goes well today. :)

  • We got home from the hospital last night!  Jacob Anthony was born June 18 at 9:00 am.  He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long.  He's so adorable and such a sweet baby.

    Things have been pretty hectic so far though.  I started out breastfeeding and the first day was pretty rough since we were both learning.  The second day went a lot better and I really started to enjoy it.  The second night one of my breasts was very engorged and the baby wouldn't nurse off of it at all.  They had me pump and I could only express a small amount of colostrum.  As the night went by it only got worse, to the point where NOTHING would come out.  The nurse had me try everything for the next 24 hours and nothing worked.  They couldn't figure out why, but then by the third afternoon I couldn't get anything out of either breast.  The doctors, nurses, and lactation consultant all said that they had never seen this happen before, but things were so bad that I decided to give my little one formula.  He wasn't doing very well (very few dirty diapers and no wets) on the breastmilk, but in the last 24 hours he is doing much better.  I'm sad that breastfeeding didn't work out, but I feel that I put 100% effort into it and I'm proud that I made the best choice for my baby.

    On a more positive note, my 4 year old is a great big sister!  She loves helping with her brother and I really appreciate how well she's taken to it so far.

  • Congratulations! The joy you feel is evident in your post.

  • Congratulations! It's great to hear that things are going well so far. Sorry to hear about your troubles breastfeeding. I know how it feels when it just doesn't work for you. But choosing what you feel is best for your baby is always the best decision you can make. You go mommy!