Heartburn and pregnancy

  • When I was pregnant, I developed horrible heartburn. I found it easier to drink milk than to drink water, but it was still difficult to drink at all. Did you have to deal with this uncomfortable pregnancy symptom? How did you get through it? --Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I had heartburn in my third trimester in my first pregnancy (currently pregnant with my second). I has it all the time and it didn't matter what I ate haha! You're not alone. I just ate anti acids a lot and they helped. There are other things you can do to help prevent it too. It's pretty normal and it's said that if you have heartburn a lot the baby will have lots of hair. =P

  • I didn't have to deal with this too much - thank goodness! I am curious, though, did your babies end up with lots of hair like the old wive's tale says they will? :-) 

  • For me during my pregnancy  I also experience heartburn. 

    What I did is that I ate  six small meals, hold my head up by  Sleeping with my head elevated about six inches.