• i am just curious if this is normal. i am 6 months pregnant with my first child and i really do like going through all these stages of the pregnancy. however my significant other just gets all excited when he can see my belly moving because of the baby and he is always just so into everything. dont get me wrong i love our baby but when i look around i kind of feel like im missig those mommy feelings. did anyone else have that feeling? its almost like every one says oh i dont know what i would do if i didnt have my babies but i really dont feel that way right now..... i dont know if its just because its not here yet or what, i have always wanted to be a mother but the motherly feelings i guess just are not as strong as i thought they would be!

  • Well, I don't have any babies myself yet, I am pg with our first.  But I think that this is not something you need to worry about.  When the baby is born, all of that should change.  It takes a little while with some people, and when the baby is born, your instincts will take over.  My sister in law was like that.  I really wasn't sure that she would be OK with her son, because she didn't seem excited about it or anything, but when he was born, that all changed, and she surprised everyone by being a very caring, nurturing mother.  So I think you shouldn't worry about it.  Big Smile

  • I agree that not everyone reacts the same way to pregnancy. Some women find that it just doesn't feel real until the baby arrives. Even then, it might take a little time before you bond with your baby and feel those "mommy feelings". The fact that you are even worried about it tells me that you are going to be just fine. :)

  • Ok, I'll be the blunt one of the group. I HATED being pregnant. It was part of the reason I wasn't thrilled when I found out I was having a second child. Those mommy feelings really didn't come until a few weeks after my girls were born, when it was really real to me that they were here and I'd gotten to know them. It's totally natural.

  • It's the same on either side of parenting. As a mom or dad, not all of us feel that connection to the baby right away. My wife felt it early on, and like you I didnt. But it changed for me too. Seeing my daughter for the first time, well you'll get to experience it soon enough - and that'll be a lot better than any words I can use to describe it here. Try not to focus on forcing a connection now. Instead just let it come when it does; focus on the other things you have in front of you - like going to the movies and those romantic dinners you can still sneak in Wink.

  • You'll get those mommy feelings or you won't, its not a big deal.  Either way as long as you aren't vindictive about it and blaming the bun in oven for damaging your body or wanting to hurt yourself, I wouldn't worry about it.  I personally love the idea of being pregnant (now on my third) but physically dislike it as well.  I'm in a ton of pain and can't do anything about it.  Then at the end I get to have Major Surgery to have it all over with, which makes it even longer of a difficult period, but what does it for me is holding my son in my arms and staring into his eyes knowing that I'm the #1 thing in his world.  To each feelings their own but honestly if you are worried not so much of the lack of feelings talk to somebody, it may be signs of pre-post-partem depression.  Don't be scared just know that its there.