Twin mom to be..very nervous and overwhelmed..HELP!!

  • Hello, Im new to this and yesterday I just found out im having twins!!!!! I have two older children as well who are 4 and 6. I was hesitant about the third and then i thought why not,lets do it. Then we found out were having twins!!!! Im shocked and in disbelief and have no clue about twins at all. Please if anyone has any helpful hints, strategies, advice or just info on twins pregnancy and raising i would really appreciate it. I just ordered 3 books so i can start reading up on this. thank you in advance:)

  • Wow!  That is so exciting, and I can understand your shock.  I don't think anyone expects twins.  lol.  It sounds like with two "helpers" in your house you are going to be just fine.  Working in the nursery and NICU i got to spend a lot of nights taking care of premie twins and those moms picked up a lot of time and energy saving tricks-and it didn't take long.  They sure taught the nurses a few things to boot!  One thing that I thought was really smart-and started doing when parents would go home for the night and I'd have the babies to care for alone, was to get everything set up for feeds for 3-4 feedings or 12 hours i my case being the nurse.  So, for instance, before going to bed one mom taught me that she got all the bottles ready to go and in the fridge (so even through she was breast feeding she was pumping), so she would make up three bottles for each baby and line them up in the fridge.  Then she'd set out three diapers for each baby, wipes, burp cloth, and anything else she might need.  She said that way her alarm would go off (since they were premies they were on scheduled feeding every three hours) and it was easy to get up pop the bottles in warm water, change baby A while milk was warming, grab warm bottle and feed baby A, then back to bed for that kiddo, grab bottle and baby B-feed that baby, back to bed-and she was back in bed herself in no time.  Another thing that I did to help mom's that were staying alone was to alternate feedings with her all night.  So mom would feed the babies at 11pm, then go to bed.  I'd do the 2am feeding/changing diapers, then mom would get up at 5am for the next feeding.  This gave mom 11pm-5am to sleep uninterrupted.  I encourage parents to do this at home-alternate feedings between mom and dad so that they each get a good chunk of sleeping time.

    So those are just a few of the things parents of twins have taught me.  I'm sure you will get lots of other suggestions as this is a great site with great parents.

    Welcome to strong moms!


  • Hi im new mommy that just had twis 3 months ago as also , what hleped me when i came home was that i got all my bottles lined up before going to bed , im a single mom so haven twins as my first baby was a handleful but dont worry ull do fine .. big tip that helped me when feeding buy a bopee its a a good pillow when not having ppl around to help .. oh make sure u drink lots of water cuz u well be running around with to kids , also when they take naps , get some sleep ur going to need it ..  hope this helps ... if u have any more question i have more tips to help .. good luck .. 

  • Wow - congrats!! Sounds like you will be a very fun and busy household!! These babies are going to add so much joy to your lives. :-) JessBabyRN has some great tips for feeding and making sure you survive the night time feedings! I'd just encourage you to gather some support around you in the early months - perhaps friends and family who are eager to help. If people ask what they can do for you, get a meal schedule set up or some baby sitting hours donated or extra diapers purchased. Don't be afraid to ask for help and delegate some chores to people. Everyone loves to feel useful! Hope this helps a bit!