• Has anyone here ever taken a babymoon – one last vacation with just you and your partner before the baby arrives? My husband and I took a mini trip for our anniversary in August and our son was born in October. I have fond memories of our time together before our kids came along. Anyone else? -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • Absolutely! My wife and I went to Newport Rhode Island a few weeks before our first baby and had a great time. We still cherish being able to get away for just a day or two. It's amazing how a little alone time, even just for a night helps maintain energy as both a spouse and a parent.

  • The big thing, too, is that it doesn't have to be expensive or super far away! We were living in southern Virginia at the time and we just drove north towards DC and enjoyed a lot of the history and touristy things to do up there. We stayed in a nice but affordable hotel and it was just a treat to get away together. :-) 

  • We didn't do a babymoon, but we do try to get away once every couple of years...even if it is for just a long weekend.