OMG SOOO hungry!!

  • OMG, I have been so hungry lately!  I am only 5-6 weeks preggo, but I stay hungry all day!  I have been saying that I am NOT going to gain a whole lot of weight during my pregnancy, but I can't seem to eat enough!  Is this normal?  I mean, should I already be so hungry?  I eat and then 30 minutes later I am hungry again.  And now I have already put on weight.  I had dropped a little before I got my BFP, and now I am putting it back on.  Could it just be the bloating also?

  • Sounds very normal to me. I think it really depends on the woman, though, and what's going on with your body. My first pregnancy triggered my polycystic ovarian syndrome to go into high gear. I put on a lot of weight and was hungry all of the time. With my second one, I had been on diabetes meds to treat the PCOS, a side effect of which is decreased appetite. Even after I stopped taking the meds for the pregnancy, my appetite was still not good. I barely put on 20 pounds with my second baby, as compared to the 60 I did with my first. So, I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Just listen to what your body needs and go with it.

  • my daughter just turned 5 months and when i was pregnate i ate all the time i started out at 98 lbs and toped out at 143. i am back to about 110 and am quite cofertable i was shocked at how fast it went away. 2 weeks after she was born i weighed 117, i wouldent worry about putting on weight it will go away faster then you think, moast of it is from the increses in normal body stuff like blood and your utris, i wouldn't not eat because your worried about weight, thats your bodys way of telling you you need more, your bodys going through a lot of changes right now, let it lead Stick out tongue hope this helps

  • You've just added a second stomach to your own. It may be very very tiny right now, but you're body is still gearing up for when it's going to be very very big even so. Dig in but don't pig out. Eat to fill up, but eat the healthy stuff instead of the junk food. If you're worried about your weight you should still be able to do light exercises like walking (or possibly jogging), though you should probably consult a OB/GYN for safe means of exercising during later stages of pregnancy.

  • It is totally normal to feel so hungry. However, do be sure that you snack often with healthy snacks. Keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge. This way, when you eat non-stop you will be getting tons of nutrients without all the fat and calories.